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This Special Offer is Available This Weekend Only!

We’re so excited to bring ALL of our animal yoga card decks together in one HUGE bundle and offer it at such a great price. 

We want to give your little animals some fun and engaging activities to do:

  • during indoor recess
  • as part of circle time
  • at home during the winter break
  • after school to wind down
  • before school to get energized
  • when lining up or during transition times
  • anytime you need to capture their attention

For a very short time (this weekend ONLY!), we’ve pulled together The Ultimate Animal Yoga Bundle at a massive discount of 90% off, saving you over $167.

Yes, you read that right—we’re giving you 19 yoga resources for the price of JUST TWO. For . . . drum roll please . . . For only $18.66!

That means that you will receive 17 digital yoga resources FREE!


What’s included in the Ultimate Animal Yoga Bundle?

You get 19 digital yoga cards and resources for the price of just 2, including:

Arctic Animals Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

Antarctic Animals Yoga Cards (value: $7.50)

Nocturnal Animal Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

Zoo Animals Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

Farm Animals Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

Forest Walk Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

Jungle Animals Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

North American Animals (value: $9.95)

Ocean Animals Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

African Safari Animals Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

Desert Animals Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

Dinosaurs Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

Pet Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

Garden Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

Horse Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

Cat Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

Dog Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

Bird Yoga Cards (value: $9.95)

BONUS! Engagement Cards (value: $9.95)

Get The Ultimate Animal Yoga Bundle before it's gone!



Frequently Asked Questions:


Will something be mailed to me?

This is a digital-only product meaning you will be able to download ALL the resources immediately upon purchase. We’re able to offer this crazy low price because it’s digital. Your Amazon delivery driver thanks you.

I’m not sure how to get my kids to do yoga? 

We have your covered! We have intentionally included our Engagement Cards to help you corral your little animals and focus them on the activities and moves within the card decks.

But I already own some of these cards. Can I swap?

Not this time. We know that many people in our community probably own an animal deck or two from this bundle, however at this ridiculously low price, we won’t be able to take special requests. You will be getting 17 decks for free with this deal, so you’re definitely coming out ahead, even if you have duplicates.

Is there a catch?

We are able to offer this digital bundle at a super low price, but the catch is . . . there are no refunds. There is so much in this bundle that everyone is sure to find something that they and their kiddos will enjoy.

Can I just wait and catch this bundle next time it’s on sale?

We will not be offering this deal again. This is a one-time, outrageous sale that we wanted to do for our Kids Yoga Stories community to kick off the holiday season. Once the sale is over, the price will jump back up to $186.60 if you choose to buy everything that’s included in this bundle individually.

How much does it cost?

If you purchased everything in this bundle, you would spend $186.60.

But you’re not going to pay that when you take advantage of this special Black Friday weekend sale. The price is simply $18.66. That’s it!

Is there a physical version available for purchase?

This is a digital-only product and we don't have a physical version available at this time.

What do I need to know about downloading?

You will receive a zip file after purchase. You will need to be able to unzip the file using either Winzip or 7Zip which is often a standard application on your computer. Full instructions on downloading and opening zip files are available here:

What ages are the yoga resources suitable for?  

The yoga books and yoga cards in our Kids Yoga Toolkit target children ages 2-8 years old. However, our yoga resources can be adapted for various ages and developmental needs. Our yoga products are designed to act as springboards to other learning experiences suitable for any age.  

Will I need a printer to access my digital products?  

A printer is not necessary. You can view the products on any device. You can, however, print them out if you prefer. Find printing instructions for our digital products here: 


Enjoy all the fun, movement, and enjoyment with these colorful animal-inspired yoga cards for kids!

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