North American Animals Alphabet Yoga Cards for Kids

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Learn the alphabet through movement!

Pretend to be an A for Alligator, B for Bear, and C for Cougar through yoga poses for kids! Instantly download these 66 North American animal alphabet yoga cards to learn the alphabet through movement in your home, classroom, or studio.

Includes an Alphabet Index Card, Yoga Tips, Pose Instructions, 26 Yoga Pose Cards, and 26 matching North American Animal Cards.

The multicultural yoga kids are from seven countries. Download the matching alphabet poster here.

Ages 4+.

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Customer Reviews

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Jessica C.
Very thorough set (index, tips, how to practi …

Very thorough set (index, tips, how to practice the yoga poses, pictures of each letter-animal, pose captured, name of pose). The written explanation of each pose (letter) is great! As a novice yogi, I appreciate the detailed how-to for each pose. The explanations are simple enough that say a preschool teacher using these for their class could explain to two-, three-, or four-year-olds and they all could understand how to do each pose without confusion. The pictures with the animal and the pose together are well designed and easy to then re-create as a user. Overall, very cool set so far, and I look forward to teaching my kiddo more yoga poses while we learn about the alphabet.

Amy H.
This is a wonderful idea! My three year old l …

This is a wonderful idea! My three year old loves to practice her yoga moves, but we only have a couple that we know. With the alphabet yoga cards she will be able to practice her letters, sounds, animal names, and yoga all at once! I also love how the instructions on how to practice the yoga poses is included.

Dee M.
The cards and poster are are wonderful. Combi …

The cards and poster are are wonderful. Combining literacy, science, and movement makes learning so much fun. These cards can be used both at home or at school. I'm going to use them with the children I teach, ages 2-6. Maybe each child can pick a letter, find other things that begin with that letter, demonstrate the pose to their friends and become an expert on their animal. The author has used pictures that ALL children can relate to. The instructions and suggestions are clear. Anyone can assist children with this useful addition to her series of engaging yoga books for families. I could see hanging the poster in my home for a few quick stretches as I walk by. Thanks for producing these wonderful materials.!!!!

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