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Great illustration and storyline

My 4 year old son loves this book. He loves animals and shows me all the postures from this book. I will also be using this book to teach a pre-k yoga class.

Although the content is great! I would have preferred the tangible books and card deck, but I am managing

Hi Dana Thank you for your purchase of the Yoga in the Classroom Bundle! I appreciate your feedback. Like you, I prefer hard copies of the books and cards, too – so I completely understand. We priced out a physical product version of the bundle and asked a few people, and the costs were just too high. The bonus of a digital bundle is that we can offer it at a massive discount. Saying that, some people bought the digital bundle and then purchased a few of the items in physical format as well. If this is something you’d be interested in, please email me for a coupon code. I hope that helps! Let me know what else I can do to help integrate yoga into your classroom. Kindly, Giselle Kids Yoga Stories
Toddler Pack

Love this! So much packed into the stories. Multi-cultural, bio-diversity, mindfulness, and yoga! My class has enjoyed the stories, loved the pictures, and have been so excited about the yoga poses! They are 2 years old, and they are practicing mindfulness and yoga on a simple level for them. Best part is they ask for it now!


this special bundle is so varied, it can be used in many ways from very personal privet lesson to a alrge group of participants. It is also very rich with ideas and ways to use it- as a single surprise activity to a whole journey through the year. I am grateful for having it.
Thanks Giselle

Great resource and value

I love the website Kids Yoga Stories has built as a reference, excellent to be used by the most advanced to the beginner hoping to incorporate yoga in their classroom.
This bundle provided a huge value in the resources it offered. The digital books alone made the purchase a fantastic deal. I look forward to using it in my class this year.


LOVED these cards. the kids found them super helpful!

Beautiful book

I love this book and I m sure my children will love it too when I introduce it to them. I can already imagine my children following along the book doing all the different poses as Anna does it.

Great yoga for kids

We use these in our preschool and the children love doing the poses as part of their day both individually and in groups. They really identify with the animals and enjoy practicing and sharing with friends and family

Helpful and fun!

I love the cards! They are bright and beautifully illustrated and help kids to understand and express their feelings. I would definitely recommend these for parents and professionals working with children.

Love them

These are great, I used them as a focus for transition to High School with my year 6s. They liked choosing their feelings and putting them together in their own story about moving up to High School.

Lovely easy to use cards

As a psychologist using holistic methods, these easy to use yoga cards are beautiful for my work with kids! Highly recommend

A great resource!

The Canada Yoga Cards are another great resource to add to my collection! Some really fun and creative ideas for familiar yoga poses. It also includes clear descriptions on how to practice each of the poses. I look forward to using these new cards to play some of our favourite yoga games!

4th of July Card Set

Great imagination and clear instruction in this set of cards. This is an amazing way to teach symbols and history of America through yoga. A diversity of children are represented in the cards and explanations for the poses are clear and direct. Beautiful art in this amazing set!

Creative cards

Creative set of cards to add movement to your 4th of July celebrations! Good to discuss the topic with kids, and to get active amongst all the summer parties and eating and drinking events!

4th of July cards

Giselle’s 4th of July cards are so creative. She always has such wonderful children’s yoga ideas!

fun as allways

The kids and I really enjoyed the weather yoga cards. It was the perfect amount for the toddler classes but I would have liked to have had a few more cards for the 3s and 4s. The weather cards were great because we could tie them into our circle time where we discussed what the weather was like today then did the corresponding pose. It was really fun.
Ms. Sherri

By far my favourite! Such beautiful illustrat …

By far my favourite! Such beautiful illustrations for my toddler and I to enjoy. A nice flow of poses, which are perfect for calming down at the end of a day, or being active at the start (depending on the affect used while reading it).

This is a beautiful book and wonderful story. …

This is a beautiful book and wonderful story. Integrating the yoga poses throughout the story is a unique and fun way of teaching yoga. I teach individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and related conditions (Autism). Some of my students have physical disabilities as well but we make yoga work. This book is a valuable tool for teachers and parents as they integrate the story with movement.

This is a sweet book with beautiful pictures. …

This is a sweet book with beautiful pictures. It's always fun to incorporate a new yoga book in my classes. I love taking a moment to "take a breath" while we go on a mountain hike, exploring new poses.

Another great book. I have been using the Gra …

Another great book. I have been using the Grateful Giraffe in my classroom and the children love the illustrations. I love the rhythm of the stories and the poses on each page. Great resource.

As a father, as a kid’s yoga teacher, and as …

As a father, as a kid’s yoga teacher, and as a hiking lover, this is a book that really touches my heart in many different ways. It’s a wonderful voyage through the forest that invites all the kids to explore nature and the outdoors through yoga poses. The text is quite simple and that´s very useful when you are reading stories to kids from 4 years old, but can be easily expanded and also adapted for older kids. I like to plan my lessons in time with the seasons and the holidays. We are just entering into spring so the book story is just perfect to encourage students to participate in all the activities done during this season, for example, hiking. It can be also used during fall. Finally, as I always write in my reviews, the parent-teacher guide is a wonderful tool if you are a parent and you want to introduce yoga to your children or, if you´re a kids yoga teacher, it can simply be a source or a reminder of how to teach yoga to children in a properly and funny way.

Beautifully illustrated book. I love that the …

Beautifully illustrated book. I love that the author references to some of the senses when Mia is on her hike (hear, smell, sight). A pause to take in a breath is also included in the story. The feelings of peace and quiet that we connect to nature is mentionned. Lovely themes to explore in a kids yoga class. Yoga, meditation and breath all in one book. Well done Giselle! Can't wait to try it out! Would love to see this translated in french ;)

This is a lovely story with great yoga poses …

This is a lovely story with great yoga poses and we used it as part of a woodland walk yoga lesson. The children loved this story. I would highly recommend this book . In fact all the yoga books are amazing.

When i first recieved this book i read this b …

When i first recieved this book i read this book to my 2 pre-school yoga class of about 12 students per class. Each student has their own mat and participates in yoga regularly over the course of the school year. Most students in the class i used it in on this day are 3 years old. The story did a good job of keeping their attention. I like to work my lesson plans to correlate to seasons and holidays. We are leading into spring so the book story is relevant to what activities (hiking) students could be particpating in now. It would also be great incorporated into a fall theme. The children became excited to do the yoga pose that matched each segment of the story. The story and poses flowed very well for a transition to lay and relax/ reflect at the end. The artwork was well done and the pose examples were well incorporated into the picture. I enjoyed toe-ga which added a sensory element to our practice. The length of this book was perfect as each class last 30 minutes. It held the attention of the young children for a good amount of time while leaving room for discussion and reflection. I would recommend this book for personal use practice at home for one on one practice with families with very young children. It was also a wonderful tool for a classroom of multiple young children discussing activities and seasons. It worked well with my 3 year old class but it will be appropriate for some of my school age classes as well.