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Yamas and Niyamas card

Very resourceful. Love it. Thank you.

Great Cards to Foster Teamwork!

Excellent card deck! I teach yoga as an after school program at a local elementary school (grades 1st-3rd). I ordered the electronic version of these cards so I could print them out like a giant tic-tak-toe game. The kids absolutely love them! Its all they want to do, more partner poses. And with 40 different cards, I have plenty of variety to give them. The older kids love teaching the little ones how to do the poses. Its a great way to teach not just yoga, but also team work, communication, and kindness. Definitely recommend! :)

Great and useful

I found it useful because I have this year a class with several emotional problems due to events occurred last year.

Yamas and Niyamas Cards for Kids

A great introduction for children into better behaviour and attitudes.
I use them in my Story Time Classes and the parents think they are great.

Very good product

All the materials are useful and easy to use and consult even by the kids themselves, my kids are Italian and they easily use the cards even if they are written in English.

Awesome Resource!

The cards were easy to print and assemble. I like how easily I was able to sequence the cards to create an imaginary yoga journey into outer space lesson plan. I am using the cards for games and activities with my yoga students. Awesome resource!

Excellent Product

I have ordered several products from Kids Yoga Stories and absolutely love them! The materials are well organized and thought out. I have used many for my kid's classes and they love them! This book is a wonderful story and great to use for the upcoming winter season!

Breathing Exercises Cards

I like the cards very much, I don't only use them in my kids class but my grown up classes as well. The quality of the graphics and the sturdy cards is a plus. I wish the other cards were also available in print. I only have access to black and white and is not the same printing your own.

A fantastic addition to citrcle time

We use a few of these cards during circle time and the kids love it. They ask me ahead of time, “when is yoga?”. We try 1 new pose every week in our routine. I also keep the full deck in my calm corner (a place students can go to decompress)

Yoga card games

Have just started using this set of cards , the several I have used are fun and the children enjoyed them .

Emily’s Day in the desert

Unique book. I like that Emily was prepared for her trip with her parents. She had a list of things she was hoping to see. It would be more helpful if there were opening, games, breath work and music suggestions to help use this book as a theme but to be able to make it a 45 minute class.

We are loving it!

My students and I are loving the Yoga in The Classroom Bundle. I love the themes and the easy to follow yoga flow posters. My students are really excited about the yoga chair poses. I have even used some of the suggestions from the blog to help keep my students engaged.

Love the cards! Very colorful for the children to see.

Fabulous Yoya Resources

Thank-you for creating these fantastic resources. My children and I are reaaly enjoying using them!

Super Starter Pack

Super Starter Pack

The material is great! The only thing I don’t like is the way the yoga cards present. There is only one card per page. Color printing is expensive, I wish there was more than one card per page. I don’t know how to change that.

Hi Amy Thank you for reaching out! You can absolutely print more than one card per page simply by changing your printer settings to print multiple sheets per page. See here for more information: Check under #4 example: -Click on File and “Print.” -Click on “Pages per sheet” and change to “2” by “2” to print four cards per page. Your printer settings may be different depending on what kind of printer you have – maybe you could ask someone? Or do a quick Goggle search? The advantage of digital yoga cards is that you can print to the size of your choice. Let me know if that works or if I can help out in any other way. Thanks again! Giselle Kids Yoga Stories
beach yoga cardss

perfect theme for now😎
love everything you do.
thanku for the wonderful service you provide!
bedt, bunny

Partner yoga poses

Have used with 8-12 year olds and they LOVE it! The cards are easy to read and explain each pose. Would highly recommend for anyone interested in teaching yoga to kids.

Claire’s Camping Adventure

Awesome book! Engaging story and well designed!

So much fun!

I've been doing these yoga stories with my toddler (he's almost 3) for the last few weeks. He really enjoys the stories and acting them out using the poses on the pages. Sometimes he just wants to do a couple poses and others he'll do the whole book. He really gets a kick out of pretending to be different animals and interacting with the story!
I've been just offering to read (or reenact) the story with him a couple times a week and gaging his interest. Sometimes he doesn't want to, but more often, when he sees the beautiful & colorful pictures he decides to listen to the story and then give some poses a try. And then the other day, he even asked to do yoga. 😄

Kids Yoga Summer Camp Bundle

Sophia's Jungle Adventure Yoga Cards

Chinese New Year Yoga Cards for Kids

Love them!! Can't wait for next year!


The poses in this deck were perfect for my preschool students
The teachers also loved guessing the different animals living in England
Thank you Giselle, all your cards are so special


Thanks for everything. I loved. In few weeks I will buy to partner cards.

Thanks e congrats for your job.