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Kids Yoga Teacher Bundle
W.A.K.P. (Houston, US)
William Kritsonis - One of the Nation's Top Yoga Teachers

Legal Name:  William Kritsonis
Directory Name: William Allan Kritsonis, PhD
Yoga Alliance ID:  290994
Designation(s):  E-RYT 500, E-RYT 200, YACEP
Renewed until: June 03, 2025

Dr. Kritsonis Designation(s):  E-RYT 500, E-RYT 200, YACEP. Chair Yoga Certified Teacher, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. Yogi Kritsonis is recognized as an expert in one or more of Yoga Alliance’s Categories - Techniques, Training & Practice (How to practice yoga); Teaching Methodology (How to teach yoga effectively); Anatomy & Physiology (The physical and energetic body of yoga); Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics (History, philosophy, ethics and lifestyle practices of yoga). William was selected as one of Houston’s Top Trainers as a Yoga Teacher.

Partner Yoga Poses Cards for Kids
Genevieve (Mystic, US)
I love all the yoga stories!

I've been ordering pdfs of yoga stories for years. The partner poses was the first time I ordered the physical cards. I will always do that in the future! They're well made and just a little more in price compared to just the PDF. The kids yoga stories are always great! Thank you for creating such great materials!

Hi Genevieve
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! We really appreciate you.
I'm so happy to hear that you like the Partner Yoga Cards as well. :)
Thanks again!
Kids Yoga Stories

Really loved this so into breath work

Resources are Fabulous

I’m a retired teacher looking into doing an after school 6 week yoga program with the possibility of creating curriculum for the local public school. I’m enjoying this class and the resources are fabulous. Thank you!

My Dreams are Big

Thank you for the program to help push me over the edge! It was exactly what I needed. The information is so good and now I have it at my finger tips as I work to write the grants. My dreams are BIG!


As an Elementary School Counselor who was eager,  but hesitant to introduce yoga & mindfulness into my school, this was THE BEST place to start! The bootcamp (program) broke everything down into simple, manageable steps. I successfully introduced & completed yoga & mindfulness lessons in my school this school year because of it! HUGE SUCCESS!!


I was so impressed with how well organized everything was! I enjoyed and learned so much from all of the course materials, lectures, and assignments. Thanks so much to Giselle and Kids Yoga Stories for giving me the gift of designing a yoga and mindfulness program for my school! I can’t wait to implement my program from the first day of school. Giselle is one of the amazing humans I have met so far.


I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and the other community members. Giselle is an expert, and she structured this program so well and so simply. The breakdown of each module is very manageable and clear. It truly felt like step-by-step instructions for your own customizable mindfulness plan. I am extremely grateful for this program and all that I got out of it! I will most definitely be attending next time!


I am physiotherapist and yoga instructor who has a fair bit of experience sharing yoga and mindfulness with children. This workshop helped me gather my big pile of whirly ideas and put them down in a logical way to be able to be prepped and organized for multiple classes. Giselle goes above and beyond to provide any guidance needed. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking a simple yet effective format for bringing yoga and mindfulness into their children's lives in a way the works in their environment.

Resources are Invaluable

I am truly grateful for the wealth of knowledge this course provided! After taking your class, I was able to persuade my school to allow me to teach yoga classes as an elective for my middle school students. This experience gave me the confidence to teach yoga full-time in daycares, schools, studios, and private settings! Your resources and books have been invaluable in that transition! (I also love using them with my young nieces as a way to get them interested in yoga too!). Teaching yoga full-time has been incredibly rewarding.


My takeaway is that I’m already doing all these yoga and mindfulness activities, but now I need to bring the intentionality behind what we do. It will help me be present with the children. I feel more confident going forward, and now I have a workable plan!


Your resources are a great fit. I want the students to learn strength in their bodies and mind—and experience what it feels like to be calm. I can do this by providing tools, games, and techniques. I’m so excited to build a strong yoga program at my school!


My takeaway is that we’re not doing the yoga activities 'to' them, but rather we are participating in the activities 'with' them. I also never thought of teaching mindfulness through sensory activities. I can see that empowering the teachers because they are probably already doing a lot of mindfulness activities without realizing it!


I struggle to explain it (yoga and mindfulness) and sometimes get push back as to what it is, what it represents.  I cant wait to use this with the class I am in as well as, our school to explain it in a way that makes it an important part of everyone's day.


Oh my gosh! You are amazing! Thank you so much. The kids have had such a good time so far with our new program, and these will be wonderful to add. You have a life long customer!


I am reorganizing my curriculum to embrace more mindfulness and yoga for kids practice - your stories are brilliant and the cards wonderful. I thank you as an educator in the profession for over 40+ years. I have a bag of tricks - with favorite teacher resources and you are now among the most esteemed.

I Loved the School Yoga Program!

I went into the whole experience overwhelmed and having no idea where to start my school yoga program. I had a ton of resources, but no exact doable, step-by-step plan—and just thinking about it made me anxious! This was the most practical and organized program. The breakdown of the materials made sense and was easy to follow, and I was able to accomplish everything I set out to do in only five days—with no anxiety!!! It was also affordable, the KYS team replied to all my crazy e-mails in a timely manner, and they gave input/suggestions specifically for my school yoga program (not just general statements—input specific to my program). AMAZING! Who even does that?! I've been a school counselor for over fifteen years, and this was one of the best workshops I've ever attended! I plan on being a lifelong member and supporter of Giselle and Kids Yoga Stories!

Yoga Games for Kids Bundle (+ Bonus)
Angela C. (Mustang, US)
Long time yoga Teacher & Yoga Trainer

I have been teaching children for over 30 years. I love these packs for the visuals and fresh take on yoga play they bring. Sometimes it only take a glance at a Yoga Stories card to spark a new idea.

At the ripe old age of 50 these card help bring out my inner child so I play yoga with laughter and light.

Hi Angela
Thank you for your kind words!
We really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback.
I especially love that the yoga games bring out your inner child with laughter and light!
Kids Yoga Stories

I love the cards. Very user friendly and easy to understand instructions.

Maria Explores the Ocean
Nancy D. (Cherry Hill, US)

Everything I have purchased here I have used succcessfully in my classes.
My students love the ideas and posters, books and stories.
Thank you so much!!!

Hi Nancy
Thank you so much for your kind words!
We are so happy to hear that your students are enjoying the resources.
We appreciate you!
Kids Yoga Stories

Breathe Better Challenge - FREE
W.A.K.P. (Houston, US)
Breathing Exercise/Cards for kids - A Great Resource for Healthy Living

BREATHING EXERCISE/Cards for Kids is perfect for the classroom and general population. The exercises are even appropriate for adults wanting to improve their breathing control. The instructions relative to how to use the cards are easy to understand. As a yoga teacher, I highly recommend them. They are fantastic.
Dr. William Allan Kritsonis, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.

Hi William
Thank you so much for your feedback.
We truly appreciate your kind words!
Kids Yoga Stories

100 5-Pose Yoga Posters
Jennifer S. (Livermore, US)
Professional Yoga Stories

I have been using Kids Yoga Stories for 2 years now. I have tried others from Pinterest and nothings compares. I will not purchase anything else but Kids Yoga Stories! All pose and children in the poses remain similar, which helps with consistency. Just the theme of the poses change, and I think that.

Hi Jennifer
Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a lovely review!
You've made my day! I'm so happy to hear that you resonate with the work we do here at Kids Yoga Stories. :)

The Ultimate Pretend Play Bundle
Kate M. (Alcalá de Henares, ES)
Great selection!

These are perfect for introducing my preschoolers to the world of yoga! With this bundle I have yoga poses for every theme in a way that really captures their imagination. Thank you!

Hi Kate
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback!
I love that you are integrating yoga into your preschool as a way to engage and capture their imagination.
Really appreciate you!
Kids Yoga Stories

The Ultimate Pretend Play Bundle
William A.K.P. (Houston, US)
Dr. William Allan Kritsonis Recommends Giselle's Kids Yoga Stories to Teachers and Parents

Giselle's Kids Yoga Stories is an exceptional resource for teachers and parents. The information provided helps children (kids) to foster growth physically an cognitively. The information pertaining to "yoga" is especially good. I encourage educator's and parents to purchase products that Giselle provides to enhance learning for children.
William Allan Kritsonis, PhD
Professor, Texas A&M University & University of Texas Systems (Retired)

Hi Dr William
Thank you so much for your kind words.
We truly appreciate your positive feedback and humbled to hear that our products are valuable to your yoga classes.
Kids Yoga Stories

Mindfulness Cards for Kids
Margaret S. (Thurmont, US)

I love the illustrations on the Yoga cards as well as the Mindfulness ones. They are easy to transport and use as needed.

Hi Margaret
That's lovely to hear! I'm happy to hear that the mindfulness cards are easy to use. ;)
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.
Much appreciated.
Kids Yoga Stories