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Summer Yoga Lesson Planning Pack
Rachael M. (Chelsea, US)
What a great lesson plan!

This was a wonderful pack to help me organize my kids yoga class into meaningful bites. It helped me keep an engaging class no matter how much the attention span wavered. By having this is my back pocket I was able to have games and ideas to use if something I planned wasn’t working that particular class, keeping the kids engaged and happy and me much less stressed out about the oh no now what.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback, Rachael!
What you are describing is exactly what I'd hoped for when I created these lesson plans.
Really appreciate your kind words!
Kids Yoga Stories

Farm Animals Yoga Cards for Kids
Angelica T. (Chicago, US)
Farm Yoga Cards!

Hi! I have the 1st card set and the Farm Yoga Cards. It would be nice if there was an option to have the PDF print only cards as a "real" cards option for more cost. I know that they will last longer.
Also, I printed them out one card per paper... because of this the card was in the middle of the paper and there was no boundary to cut along to make them card sized.
Most importantly, my toddlers LOVED how I sang "Old MacDonald Had A Farm." I showed them the picture of the animal, they named it, I flipped over the card and taught the yoga pose. Thank you so much for helping me teach ECE yoga.

Step into Spring Yoga Pack
Fernanda F. (Shelton, US)
An Incredible Resource!

I have shopping with Giselle for over a year now. I love everything about her store, the options and I even enjoy receiving emails from her. That’s not easy to say no a days LOL. Thank you Kids Yoga Stories for all the hard work you put into such an important space.

Hi Fernanda
Thank you so much for your kind words!
We truly appreciate you.
Giselle :)

Worth every penny!

I recently purchased the HOW TO GET STARTED WITH YOGA AND MINDFULNESS IN THE CLASSROOM WORKBOOK and it was worth every penny.

It was so detailed and it will help me a lot as I begin to teach yoga in my classrooms next week. Thank you, Giselle and team!

Hi Brenda
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback!
Let us know how it goes in your classroom.
Giselle :)

Yoga Coloring Pages for Kids - Garden Gnomes

I love your resources and these Garden Gnomes Coloring Pages are great addition for my yoga classes. I am using it as a part of warm up class. Kids love partner poses. And at the end of the class, I give out coloring pages with poses we practiced during class.

Hi Zuzana
Thank you so much for taking the time to share how you use the coloring pages.
Love it - so fun!
Giselle :)

Spring Yoga Lesson Planning Pack
Tara P. (New York, US)
Spring Yoga Lesson Plan

Excellent! So helpful! The kids and I loved it! Can’t wait to purchase more!

Wonderful news, Tara!
We are so happy to hear that the children loved it!
Thanks for taking the time to let us know.
Giselle :)

SEL Starter Pack - Preschool-2nd Grade
Nancy D. (Blackwood, US)
SEL in the Classroom

I am using this program in my Kids Yoga classes and in my own Pre-K class. The ideas from the program are working out really well and the teachers are starting to use it in their classes as well. Thank You for putting it all together in one concise package!! NDavis

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback!
It means a lot to us to hear how the yoga and mindfulness activities are making a difference in the lives of the children.
Keep us posted!

Partner Yoga Poses Cards for Kids
April C. (Brooklyn, US)
Great Resource - Easy way to engage

I like having these partner cards at the ready for an easy way to engage my 3-5 year olds, especially good for filler activity. They love being able to choose their own partner poses to do together and the cards provide a good focus point when working in pairs. Each pair was eager to try all the cards--but within the limits of class-time they were able to create 5 new partner poses together. Thanks for such a portable and accessible resource.

Thank you so much for sharing, April!
We are thrilled to hear how the children are using the partner yoga cards and how much they enjoy practicing the poses together. What fun!

Winter Yoga Lesson Planning Pack
Lucia M. (Trowbridge, GB)
Fantastic yoga resource

I love the 'Winter Yoga Lesson Plan' pack. It has lots of very inspiring ideas and the content is highly adaptable to use with varying ages. I recently used it for a pre-school age group of children using the theme of 'Jenny's Winter Walk'. The children loved it.

Hi Lucia
Thank you for sharing your lovely feedback! So happy to hear that your students loved their winter yoga walk!
Giselle :)

Winter Yoga Lesson Planning Pack
Sharon S. (Louisville, US)
Love the materials!

I love the yoga cards and the lesson plans for the stories. The students find them fun. I find it easy to use and to use in my slide shows for my young students.
Thank you!

Sharon -
Thank you for your kind words regarding the lesson planning pack!
We're so thrilled to hear that you and your students are enjoying the stories and cards!
Giselle :)

Raising Resilient Kids Toolkit
Karen G. (Somerset, AU)
Yay for you creating beautiful cards!

Love all the cards that I've received from you. I haven't had a chance to use all of the resilience toolkit yet but have liked what I've used. I love yoga and teach / use it a lot in my work but I am nowhere near creative enough to make these sorts of things myself, so thank you for doing it!

Hi Karen
Thank you for your kind words!
We're so happy to hear that the resilience resources are useful.
Giselle :)

Ultimate World Adventure Bundle
Marissa (Colusa, US)

Oh, wow! These cards are seriously awesome! I am a Certified Yoga Instructor, without a clue how you teach kids. So I purchased this set and just started my kids' classes (2nd graders) last week and they LOVED this! It was so easy to have both a visual (on each card) of how to actually do the pose, as well as an easy sequence flow. I added in opposite sides, and they loved the animals. Needless to say they had so much fun! One student thanked me and her teacher for letting them do this. It was AWESOME! Highly recommend this product for anyone attempting to teach kids yoga in an engaging and super easy manner.

How lovely, thanks for sharing, Marissa!
So happy to hear that your students loved the yoga cards.
You have made our day!
Giselle :)

Chakra Cards for Kids
JILL A. (Reading, US)
Chakra cards for ‘Kids’ Yes and….

I’ve been using these cards for awhile now and they are so wonderful. so many adults these days are just learning and I think we all may benefit by going through the child - I have the grown up cards laminated too 😍😉so I’ve had a lot of success myself with these and with my son over the years he’s now 8. I put mine in a binder so I could carry it and demonstrate and pass it around, but it comes with options to print in different ways hopefully you can see here. I have some cards laminated and then I even have a stapled hand out of one of her mindfulness decks for kids. I have yet to be disappointed let alone not extremely impressed with every product from these wonderful women.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Jill!
We're so happy to hear that the Chakra Cards for kids and adults are valuable to you.
Really appreciate you,
Giselle ;)

Good content, but poorly designed

If you're buying with the idea to print, I wouldn't. These were not considerately designed for that. The aspect ratio isn't 3x5 or 4x6 (common index-card sizes), and the solid dark-color backgrounds on some cards is a major waste of ink, and it's on text-only cards, which could just as well be black-on-white. Disappointed for sure. If the creator would like a design consult so it's made for print, let me know.

Thank you for your honest feedback!
When we create our yoga cards, it's always a balance between aesthetics and printing. That's why we have the yoga pose cards with white backgrounds. In this case, you're right, the dark blue on the instruction cards will use up a lot of ink. Many people also view the yoga cards from their devices or show on Smart Boards. We'll talk as a team to see what we can do with these particular cards.
Feel free to email us directly with any other feedback.
Thanks again!

Shapes Yoga Cards for Kids
Anonymous (Mt. Pleasant, US)

These cards are wonderful! I'm a seasoned kids yoga teacher, and have not found any cards that combine postures with shapes, and that are as colorful and specific as these to use with preschoolers. I also love the ability to download them. My only suggestion is that if you are purchasing them, when you print them, the solid blue background cards will use ALOT of your color ink. I only printed the index, and did not print the rest of the SOLID blue cards. These cards are well worth the small price of 7.50. I think you will love them!

Thank you so much, Alice! Love it!
Giselle :)


Great product! Look forward to purchasing more. My children love yoga.

Thank you so much, Denise! Love it!
Giselle :)

Halloween Yoga Cards for Kids
Laura D. (Eastleigh, GB)
Great resources

Excellent resources. I downloaded and printed and used in my kids yoga class. Was great and engaging and fun.
Thank you.

Thank you so much, Laura! Love it!
Giselle :)

Chill Out Yoga Pack
Caroline C. (Chandler, US)
Chill Out Yoga Pack

The Yoga Pack helps a lot to add to new brain break activity
Thank you for doing a great job!

Thank you so much, Caroline! Really appreciate it!
Giselle :)

Chair Yoga Poses for Kids Cards
Sybille (Tucson, US)
Great for adults too

I love the yoga cards. They are well made. I ordered them for myself because I have trouble with arthritis. They had some of the best chair exercises available online. I wanted the cards because I can mix and match the yoga poses easily to accommodate my physical limitations.

Thank you, Sybille! So wonderful to hear!
Giselle :)

Calm Classroom Starter Pack + BONUS Special
Francine E. (Rotherham, GB)

Brilliant products and useful

Thank you so much, Francine! So happy to hear!
Giselle :)

Great resource.

I teach 3/4 year olds and I am so excited to use these games in my class this year. I will have to make a few adjustments because - they can’t read!!! - but, I’m used to that aspect of using tools for older students.

Thank you so much, Judy! What fun!
Giselle :)

Anna and her rainbow coloured yoga mats

This is a lovely story. I used it in my childrens yoga class. They loved it.

Thank you so much - how wonderful!
Giselle ;)

Super Starter Pack Special Offer
Maddy M. (Mount Cotton, AU)

Amazing resources :)

Exploring Emotions in 10 Minutes a Day - Workbook
Frances R. (Salt Spring Island, CA)
Exploring Emotions in 10 Minutes a Day

he children like the materials, and respond to them well. They also love the stories. Myself, as always, I particularly appreciate the drawings. We have added to the emotion of feeling bad about yourself, because it is more common for the children I have worked with to be feeling bad for other reasons than low self esteem. Sometimes we feel really 'bad' (more like feeling ill - ‘sickened’ !!!) because we have done an awful thing, acting unthinkingly. Sso that we have hurt someone else's feelings or lost their trust in us.
We don't find it quite appropriate to encourage ourselves to feel good about ourselves in those circumstances - because our 'high' opinion of ourselves makes us feel disappointment in how we behaved. We want to hold ourselves to a higher standard than that.
In our language, we want to return to being our Better Self. We know we can! So "restorative justice" is what we want to DO. We want to feel better about ourselves, yes - but even more than that, we want to make up for what we did, we want to make the other person or people feel better, feel OK. We want to heal harm, restore trust, and have EVERYONE feeling better.
We love doing "restitution" - fixing what went a bit wrong back there.
We also have a song that we sing: "May we be filled with loving kindness, May all be well, May we be peaceful and at ease, May we be happy." That's the last verse - before that, we replace the "we" with “May you be - - -,” singing to the person we harmed in some way, then we sing to ourselves using "May I be - - -". This helps us feel not so bad about what we went and did back then, when we felt tired, impatient, frustrated, or simply mean-mindedly cross! - or any of the feelings you deal with so well. We need to be “understanding’ about ourselves and each other. We are growing to understand that feelings come unexpectedly, but feelings can change and be gone too.
[All this arises from me having previously used feelings I called "Mad, Bad, Sad or Glad" - for ease of them writing them! We used to check in on how much of each of those we're feeling right now, or had coursing through us when an incident occurred earlier in the day. I saw that feeling Bad is a strong feeling to deal with. They don't think it is low self esteem, So - more like high self esteem! They feel Bad that they have let themselves down, is what I'd describe it as.
Sorry my review is so LONG!

Exploring Emotions in 10 Minutes a Day

As an Elementary School Counselor, I have found this resource to be both useful and beneficial for the students I work with. I work in a Kindergarten- Grade 5 Elementary School, and I have found this resource to be helpful in small group work, as well as individual 1:1 counseling situations.
Thank you for creating this useful tool for children!

Kind Regards,
Mary Rennebohm
Clackamas River Elementary School
Estacada, Oregon