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Tame transition times, capture children's attention, and cultivate focus in your classroom today! 

We have gathered 11 of our best yoga and mindfulness resources to provide you with the ultimate bundle of tools to create calm in your classroom today. 

  • Discover the tools to catch and hold the attention of children even when it seems that 10% refuse to try what you’re asking of them.
  • Get the tools to help your little guys who struggle with understanding the idea of calm even if their lives don’t allow them to be calm or at rest.
  • Find out our best tips for helping students move from one activity to the next, such as from individual work at their table to collective discussion sitting down on the carpet or from cleaning up after finishing a task to getting ready for recess. Tame those transitions times.
  • Bring the concepts of mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises in an engaging and simple way to your classroom that is easily accessible to children, especially those experiencing anxiety.  
  • Discover how to creatively manage having one or two students who become disruptive and whom distract the rest of the students, without reinforcing their poor behavior.
  • Develop the confidence to engage children knowing you have all these colorful tools at your fingertips.  

And much, much more. 

To help with engagement, focus, and attention, you will receive:

1. Help Your Kids Focus and Stay Engaged: We know that children can have short attention spans, and it can be difficult when you’re managing a whole class. You may have a class of “baby bears” rolling around in the mats or children who are distracted and doing something else. These Engagement Cards for Kids detail thirty creative ideas to capture and keep their attention all session long. 64 pages. (Value $9.95) 

calm classroom

2. Be Ready to Engage: This Engagement Video shares thirty ways to capture attention and keep focus in your class. Creative ways to keep them engaged even if you have one or two wild ones trying to distract the rest of the students. 27 minutes. (Value $9.95) 


To help with hard-to-calm and self-regulations issues, you will receive:

3. Cleverly Introduce Mindfulness with Stories. Ready to bring mindfulness activities to story time?  Children learn through stories and what better way to help kids calm and self-regulate than through incorporating activities with stories. Mindfulness Book Activities for Kids provides 10 books suggestions - books you may already have in your library - with corresponding activities. 4 pages.

4. Bring Positivity Daily to Your Kids. Wouldn’t you love to hear “I am brave” and other positive comments come out of your children’s mouths. Help them learn the power of positive statements with these colorful Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids. 61 pages. (Value $9.95)  

create a calm classroom

5. Soothe and Calm Your Class Quickly. Have you been looking for tools to teach your children to calm and soothe themselves? Calming Yoga Cards for Kids provide an engaging, safe, and creative way to help soothe your children while giving them valuable tools to do so on their own. 57 pages. (Value $9.95)  

create a calm classroom

6. Get the Wiggles Out and Bring Calm … Even in a Chair. Sometime it’s just easier to practice yoga from the student’s desk. You can quickly share one of the colorful and engaging posters from the Calming Chair Yoga Poses Posters and have your children strike a chair yoga pose. Also a wonderful resource for children who may have physical challenges. 27 pages. (Value $9.95)  


To help with challenging transition times, you will receive:

7. Tame Transitions Times… with Movement: Transition times can be tough which is why we created Yoga Moves for Transition Times. This colorful deck includes 35 creative ways to get children focused and engaged during those in-between moments. Pull out a card and get them moving, engaged, and focused so they’re ready to move to the next activity. 79 pages. (Value $9.95)  

create a calm classroom

8. Pause … And Just Breathe. Breathing Exercise Poses Posters are the perfect way to teach children various breathing techniques and works like a charm during transition times. Taking a pause to practice a breathing technique might be just the thing the children need to calm their minds and bodies after a busy day. By using fun and engaging visuals and clever exercises, you will have them—and maybe even yourself—breathing with intention and attention. 40 pages. (Value $9.95)  

create a calm classroom

9. Color Their Way to Calm. Coloring is a wonderful way to calm children down and teach them to focus. Twenty mandala-inspired coloring pages are contained within Calming Coloring Pages for Kids - Yoga. Print and hand them out during transition times or simply when you need a few minutes to catch your breath. 27 pages.  (Value $8.95)  

To assist with behavioral management struggles, you will receive:

10. Gain the Skills Needed to Create the Perfect Class Every Time: It’s all about classroom management. Use this handy Yoga Class Management Audit to confirm that you’ve thoroughly planned the structure of your class and how you’ll handle challenges. Many behavior management issues can be avoided by being clear and organized in your teaching. Be prepared for every class and every situation—and you’ll feel calm and confident! 4 pages. (Value $9.95)

create a calm classroom

11. Be Ready for Any Challenge. Your Yoga Class Management Videos were created to help you plan and prepare.  Watch “Class Management: Before Class” for 25 things to consider before your yoga class begins and “Class Management: During Class” for 30 things to consider during your yoga class. 20 minutes and 25 minutes.  (Value $19.95)





I’m new to yoga and/or new to bringing yoga to children. Is this for me?  

Absolutely. You don’t have to be a flexible yogi or even have any yoga experience to bring yoga to children. The resources in this bundle come with detailed instructions and teaching tips so you will have the confidence to instruct your children into the poses and exercises. All you need is curiosity and the willingness to learn. Great traits to role model for your children. ;)  

What ages is this for?  

This bundle is intended for use with children in preschool through third grade, but it can easily be adapted for other age groups, as well.  

How much does it cost?  

If you purchased all the items individually in the Create a Calm Classroom Bundle it would be $108.50. But during this special offer you will only pay a one-time payment of $29.  

What’s the parent/teacher’s role when using this bundle? Do I need to model the poses myself?  

You don’t need to demonstrate the poses if you’re not comfortable doing so. The resources are designed as a wonderful visual tool and can be used, along with the written description, to effectively provide instruction to your children. You can print off the poses and share as hand-outs or simply use your computer, tablet, or projector screen to share the images with the entire class.  

Can I share these resources with fellow teachers and parents? 

No. These digital products are for personal use only. If you'd like to buy an additional license of this bundle, please contact me directly at giselle @ kidsyogastories. com and I can provide you with a discounted multi-license price. We follow the standard guidelines for digital products (similar to You can find our terms of use, at the top of this page:  

Will I receive anything in the mail?  

This is a digital-only product, and you will not receive anything in the mail. We’re able to offer this incredibly low price because it is digital. You get instant access to all these resources to use/print when you’re ready. You can print off what you need when you’re ready to use it or have it on your mobile device or computer to use at a moment’s notice.  

Is there a guarantee?  

Of course! When you take advantage of this special sale today, you have a full 30 days to decide whether or not you want to keep it or return it for a full refund. If, for any reason, you decide this bundle is not for you, simply reach out, and my team will provide a full, prompt refund.

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Great product, great price!

I'm so glad to have discovered Kids Yoga Stories products as I begin my journey as a new youth yoga instructor!