Self-Care in 5 Minutes a Day (Workbook Only)

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Are you looking for simple yet effective ways to bring a little self-care, self-compassion, and self-awareness to your daily life?

Do you feel like you simply don’t have any time, energy, or mental bandwidth to introduce anything new… even though you know you need to take better care of yourself?

Self-care does not need to be an additional chore or burden in your life. You can easily and joyfully include little acts of self-care that, over time, will make a huge difference in your life.

Self-care doesn’t mean… 

... an hour-long morning ritual that requires you to get up a four o’clock in the morning…

... expensive tools and overpriced props that are too expensive to even consider…

... traveling to a retreat, an ashram, or even leaving the comfort of your home…

... blocking massive chunks of time out of your over-scheduled day…

... or a nice-to-have luxury saved for only when you have time, energy, and money for it.

True self-care is a daily practice that easily, effortlessly, and joyfully fits into your everyday life.

Let’s stop making self-care seem so out of reach or like a luxury only for a select few people.

Self-care is vital for functioning in our crazy world, for maintaining good health, and for keeping us calm, balanced, peaceful, and focused on what’s most important in our lives.

Get this… if you added just five minutes of self-care each day you would add a whopping 30 hours of much-needed wellness to your life each and every year!

That beats going on a weekend retreat!

Self-care is a practice, and like any healthy habit, it needs to be consistent.  

That’s where Self-Care in 5 Minutes a Day comes to the rescue.

Each day, you are provided with a single five-minute practice to help you ground, calm, and care for yourself. 

This done-for-you workbook takes the guesswork out of a practical self-care routine. You open the workbook, select the day, and go!

You can spend less time trying to figure out what to do and simply focus on bringing a little love and compassion to yourself.

These activities include the various aspects of a yoga and mindfulness


Breathing exercises and mantras

Positive affirmations


Restorative yoga poses

Mindful moments

    You can easily take any of these five-minute activities and use them as a springboard to expand your practice for longer stretches of time or further explore a variety of exercises and techniques.

    You will receive 65 pages of printable exercises and practices to help you cultivate a self-care practice and explore through yoga and mindfulness.

    • Eight weeks of simple practices to easily integrate yoga and mindfulness practices to your daily life
    • A beautifully designed workbook that clearly describes each days practice with simple descriptions that are easy to follow
    • Daily five-minute yoga and mindfulness activities 
    • Over five types of activities you can explore, including breathing exercises, restorative yoga sequences, meditations, positive affirmations, and more
    • Colorful resources to print off or conveniently view from your device
    • Detailed instructions and helpful tips to best bring these practices to your everyday life
    • 65 colorful pages to explore

    So long, stress… Hello, self-care!


    Need More? Self-Care in 5 Minutes a Day PLUS is our bundle of self-care resources that will provide you with additional tools, resources, exercises, and ideas for expanding your daily practice with ease and confidence. Click here.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some benefits of yoga and mindfulness?

    • Eases anxiety, decreases stress, and reduces tension so that you can focus more on the positive aspects of life and lead a happier, healthier, and more purposeful life.
    • Reduces anger, depression, and fatigue so that you can better manage the highs and lows of life now and long into the future.
    • Increases resilience and coping frequency so that challenges and setbacks dont derail you from your goals in life.
    • Improves coping skills and teaches healthy, productive ways to manage challenging, tension-filled times with ease and grace.
    • Enhances focus, attention, concentration, comprehension, and memory so you can better perform the activities you enjoy and be present to your loved ones.
    • Provides opportunities for patience, reflection, and self-insight, thereby improving your self-confidence and resilience.
    • Increases flexibility, strength, and balance, thereby promoting a healthy body image and creating healthy habits around physical activities.  

    Im new to yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Is this for me?

    Absolutely. You dont need to have had a previous yoga or meditation practice to bring these self-care practices to your life. The resources in this workbook (and PLUS bundle) come with detailed instructions and tons of tips so you will have the confidence to quickly perform the exercises provided. All you need is curiosity and the willingness to learn.

    How much does it cost?

    If you purchase the STANDARD version that is a self-contained workbook (one 61-page PDF) with daily five-minute activities you will spend $19.95 (down from $29.95).

    If you choose the WORKBOOK + VIDEO SERIES (click here), with access to our private course area that houses 40 videos that guide you through the corresponding day's exercises and mediations, you will spend $97.97.

    If you choose the PLUS version you will receive everything in the standard version plus all the additional resources listed. If you purchased all the items in the PLUS version individually, you will spend 185.57.

    Can I share these resources with friends? 

    No. These digital products are for personal use only. If you'd like to buy an additional license of the workbook or bundle, please contact me directly at giselle @ kidsyogastories. com, and I can provide you with a discounted multi-license price. We follow the standard guidelines for digital products (similar to You can find our terms of use at the top of this page:

    Will I receive anything in the mail?

    This is a digital-only product, and you will not receive anything in the mail. Were able to offer this incredibly low price because it is digital. You get instant access to all these resources to use/print when youre ready. You can print off what you need when youre ready to use it or have it on your mobile device or computer to use at a moments notice. And you can save a few trees while you’re at!

    Is there a guarantee?

    Of course! When you take advantage of this special sale today, you have a full thirty days to decide whether or not you want to keep it or return it for a full refund. If, for any reason, you decide this resource is not for you, simply reach out, and my team will provide a full, prompt refund.

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