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Teach children about hibernating animals with these adorable yoga cards for kids.

With these hibernating animal yoga cards, we explore animals that are true hibernators that enter a deep sleep in the winter, like bats, groundhogs, and squirrels. However, we also discover animals that slow down, reduce their body temperature, but are sometimes active during the day.

Use these cards as a springboard to learning more about the unique features of each of these animals and how they survive the winter.

Pretend to be a lemur, a bat, and a common poorwill! 

The deck includes:

  • an index card
  • yoga tips
  • 20 yoga pose cards
  • 20 matching illustrated Hibernating Animals cards
  • instructions for 20 yoga poses

The yoga poses in the index are sequenced specifically to invite flow from one pose to the next. This takes the guesswork out of figuring out which pose to do next.

The illustrated yoga kids are multicultural from seven countries.

Recommended ages: 3+.

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