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Bring some calm and focus to your classroom this school year!


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Kids need yoga and mindfulness now more than ever!

This digital yoga and mindfulness workbook is a wonderful resource to easily integrate these much-needed practices into your classroom. And, to do so within just 10 minutes a day!

The ready-to-use workbook contain everything you need to do yoga and mindfulness in just 10 minutes a day for 16 weeks of the school year. It’s super easy to use. Just download, print, and play!  And if you’re teaching virtually, you can easily share it online with your students and families!

"I used week 1 postures with my p1 class (age 5) this afternoon & they were fab, they loved it. Thank you for such a well planned resource, everything in the one place. " - Annie S

Yoga for just 10 minutes a day can:

  • Provide you with a simple go-to resource that will help address the #1 issue facing elementary teachers… childrens social-emotional well-being!
  • Ensure you have a regular tool each day to help your students breathe, calm down, and self-regulate… even when schedules are packed and you’re trying to squeeze in all the academic requirements.
  • Teach children simple self-regulation and resiliency skills that you can easily incorporate into any classroom daily… without having to plan, think about it, or find a bunch of new resources.
  • Help children regulate their bodies and emotions… so they can manage the ups and downs of life and the academic challenges they face.
  • Provide fun, active indoor and outdoor activities that will keep your students moving and having fun… even if you have limited space.
  • Introduce movement activities into the classroom in a fun, simple, and light-hearted way… to get their wiggles out and help them focus on the next task at hand.
  • Encourage healthy interactions and connections between children through group activities… especially after losing a whole year of regular interactions with other children.

You will receive specific activities for each day of the week, themed under: 

  • Mindful Mondays: to get grounded for the week ahead through breathing and meditation techniques that teach kids how to be in the present moment
  • Twisty Tuesdays: to become more body aware by trying new exercises and yoga poses that allow for exploration and promote positivity
  • Wind-Down Wednesdays: to practice calming techniques that promote self-regulation and focus through age-appropriate mindfulness activities
  • Theme Thursdays: to move, stretch, and challenge young bodies by practicing yoga poses based on fun and engaging themes
  • Fun Fridays: to have fun and connect with one another through yoga games and partner yoga (when possible)

classroom yoga

Use these 10-minute activities as a springboard. Feel free to add other age-appropriate theme-related yoga poses, songs, breathing techniques, relaxation stories, meditations, art projects, and field trips.

Classroom Yoga in 10 Minutes a Day Standard

  • Daily 10-minute yoga and mindfulness activity
  • 16 weeks of themes to explore and discuss
  • Colorful resources to print off or share virtually
  • Detailed instructions and helpful tips to best bring this resource to your students
  • 134 colorful pages to explore

This resource is intended for children in preschool through elementary, but it can be adapted for other age groups.  

Please note this is a digital download product and not a physical product.  

This item is instantly downloadable, so you can share and print what you want, when you’d like it, and go!

If you’re looking for even more, please check out Classroom Yoga in 10 Minutes a Day PLUS!


Brand New! Interactive Version Includes...

Additional Kind Words:

"I used the affirmations to give to my student at the end of the week as I was so proud of the way he used the yoga daily to self regulate. He is going into simple tree or horse positions to calm himself." - Helen 

"I teach elementary PE and use these resources daily. Right now, my rural school is face to face as we just finished week 4!  Each week we use the themed yoga poses and mindful breathing. We also have a weekly positive affirmation. I have purchased many items and love them all." - Tammie F.

"Thanks a mil for this fab resource. I found that one particularly good also and I use it each day to try and ground the children a little bit before I let them off out the door. I have a massive mixture of age groups but everyone seems to get something from it. Thanks again." - Kay

"I'm a 1 to 1 teaching assistant with children with autism and i use the yoga every day. They don’t like colouring so i colour and they tell me how they are feeling or what the picture stirs up in them. I also play mindful music whilst concentrating on the core subjects. Love the resource, Thank you!." - Helen

"I do the daily exercises after lunch with my grade ones and twos and they really enjoy it. I like having it all laid out for me day-by-day, and my students have started to look forward to it too. Thank you!" - Milissa

"Our school has been back in for 5 weeks now, I am providing non class contact time in 6 different classes and have found the resource to be very useful. I have used the colouring pages when we have been rained off from our outdoor learning & PE sessions - primary 4/5 pupils loved the owl. I use the yoga poses as part of my PE sessions with primary 1 (age 4/5) through to primary 5 (age 9/10) and they all enjoy the sessions." - Annie



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