SEL in the Classroom Toolkit - 3rd-5th Grade

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Yoga and mindfulness activities to foster social-emotional learning (SEL) skills specifically created for upper-elementary school students!

How do you find time to slip SEL into your daily classroom routine WITHOUT creating more work for yourself?

We’ve made it easy… with our brand-new SEL toolkit specifically for children in grades 3rd-5th!

This done-for-you, easy-to-implement toolkit will help you weave the benefits of yoga and mindfulness into the school day and further help:

  • Improve academic achievement and help students be ready to learn
  • Develop solid social-emotional skills they will use now and long into the future
  • Promote and strengthen attitudes about self, one another, and school
  • Enhance positive classroom behavior while improving the overall classroom environment 
  • Equip students with the ability to manage challenges, anxiety, and stress

You will receive ALL this goodness without creating more work for yourself or figuring out ways to get your students to buy in to the activities (because there are so many different exercises to choose from) and… without breaking the bank!



To spark your imagination, this collection provides fun and easy ways to breathe, move, and be mindful in your classroom. There are three sections: 

1 Emotional: to be calm These practices aim to help children build self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-confidence. This awareness helps children feel safe and secure in themselves and have skills to manage their big emotions. 

2 Social: to connect These activities put children in social situations where they build their communication, relationship, and teamwork skills. We want them to feel seen, heard, and understood. 

3 Learning: to be curious and creative These resources give students tools to energize, focus, and pay attention so they are ready to learn. We also explore a growth mindset and get curious about the world. 

Please refer to the CASEL Framework for further information on social emotional learning.

The practice of yoga includes several building blocks: breath, meditation, mindfulness, physical postures, positive affirmations, and character education. This resource covers these components, categorizing the related activities into sections of emotional, social, and learning. 

Each category includes 10 activities: 

  • Breathing exercises (x2) 
  • Mindfulness activities (x3) 
  • Meditation (x1) 
  • Yoga poses (x2) 
  • Positive affirmations (x1) 
  • Character education (x1) 


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JILL A. (Reading, US)
Brain Breaks

Great options and easy to use. Size ideas…. All good.

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