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Join Katie on her first day at karate!

On the way to her first karate class, Katie feels self-conscious about starting something new and meeting new people. Can her brother help her overcome her fears?

This story was inspired by Yoga Sutra 2.33 that says, "When negative feelings restrict us, the opposite should be cultivated."


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I will use this book in my elementary Health …

I will use this book in my elementary Health classes to supplement my lessons on feelings( scared, worried). A great way to demonstrate how to calm down and overcome your ears.

I am both a children's yoga teacher and a mom …

I am both a children's yoga teacher and a mom of a young child. I love using stories in yoga classes as a way of sequencing classes for younger children. As a mom, I enjoyed reading this book with my daughter. It teaches about anxiety and overcoming fear, and there are a few places where you can get up and move around. Unfortunately, it was less useful in my yoga class because there were so few actual poses in the book. There are multiple pages that tell a great story but do not include associated poses or movements. Because I only have 30 minutes with my yoga class of about 14 5-8 year-olds, sitting and listening to a story was much less enjoyable for them than moving while listening to (and being) the story. If you have a longer class period and are open to having more reading time, then it could work.

I love that this story, with beautifully done …

I love that this story, with beautifully done, colorful illustrations brings to light the feelings that children can have when approaching something new. I also like that it is such a universal fear that makes the text highly relatable. As a teacher of language learners, I feel that this text could help my students see that all children encounter fear about new things, such as they may have fear about being in a new place, learning a new language. I find it interesting that the yoga poses weren't specifically laid out as much as in the other, also beautifully done, Yoga Stories but I also like that teachers and children can feel the freedom to move with their thoughts and really focus on how the story feels as they make connections.

Thank you for the privilege to review Katie's …

Thank you for the privilege to review Katie's karate class. It was embraced by my 5 and 6 year olds and we talked about the reality of fear in our everyday lives. It opened-up the opportunity to discuss and look at other options to handle and deal with everyday fear. My class also related very well to the strong and grounding poses.

I found this to be a nice book for my element …

I found this to be a nice book for my elementary age students. It brought about wonderful conversation and they were eager to share their experiences. It was not so much of a physical yoga experience...which I do prefer in a yoga class.

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It is hard to find Australian related content in programs for kids, particularly on the internet so I was delighted to find the Australia Yoga Cards For Kids that I can incorporate into my program and thereby make it more relevant to my students.
Thanks Giselle

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Hi Giselle, unfortunately a lot of it was not really useable as I am in NZ and the kids here will not connect with the seasons or the animals.

Hi Debbie Thank you for your feedback! I'm sorry to hear that you didn't find value in these three resources. I can assure you that we have many customers from NZ who use our materials. The Rachel yoga book uses pretty generic spring and garden keywords like sun, rain, tree, bird, and plant. Can your children do a compare/contrast exercise to how it's similar or different to their gardens? The Yoga Pose Cards have four categories - travel, earth, people, and animals - most of which would be relevant worldwide. The Simple Yoga Sequences have thirty posters that range from educational topics, to habitats around the world, to feeling topics, and holidays. Our work definitely takes on a global learning component (from my international teaching + tri-cultural background). Please reach out if you'd like to discuss further - thanks again! We welcome feedback! Giselle
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I have found the animal yoga bundle really helpful as I started out recently to teach yoga to children. There was so much choice and I keep referring back to the bundle whenever I need to . They are easy to print off and make into cards . Sophie 😊

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Brilliant! The children loved them and it made it so much easier to deliver the lesson with such lovely visuals. Thank you x