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What three things can you teach your children to help them manage the ups and downs of life?




Learning to breathe properly allows children to self-regulate and prepares them to focus and learn. 

Identifying feelings then finding new ways calm down enables children to approach challenges, situations, school work, and friendships in healthy ways. 

Finding creative ways to connect with friends and peers promotes teamwork, cooperation, and acceptance of differences, while also providing opportunities to thrive in a group situation.

Through yoga and mindfulness, you can explore these three pillars and help children manage their bodies, minds, and relationships as they grow and develop. We’ve made it super easy for you to bring these concepts and exercises to children through our ready-to-use toolkit! 

With the Breath-Calm-Connect Toolkit, you will have everything you need to bring these effective yoga and mindfulness tools to children. It’s super easy to use. Just download, print, and play! 

Plus… we’ve made it EVEN easier for you with the accompanying done-for-you workbook.

breathe-calm-connect - helping kids calm, destress, and have fun

Breathe, Calm, and Connect in 10 Minutes a Day provides specific activities for each day of the week, themed under:

Breathe Mondays: to get grounded for the week ahead through breathing and meditation techniques that teach kids how to be in the present moment

Calm Tuesdays: to practice calming techniques that promote self-regulation and focus through age-appropriate mindfulness and yoga activities

Connect Wednesdays: to promote cooperation and teamwork by trying new partner and group exercises and yoga poses that allow for exploration

Move Thursdays: to move, stretch, and challenge young bodies by practicing yoga poses based on fun and engaging themes

Play Fridays: to have fun and connect with one another through yoga games and partner yoga

This toolkit provides:

  • done-for-you daily schedule that gives you yoga and mindfulness movement, activities, and stretches to get kids interested and active
  • tools and strategies to decrease stress and foster calm and focus
  • new tools for managing big emotions or the everyday ups and downs
  • fresh ways to connect with your kids through engaging activities
  • creative strategies to teach resilience and boost self-esteem and self-confidence
  • simple solutions to tame transition times both at home and at school
  • an antidote and alternative to screen time


1. Breathing Exercise Cards for Kids 

Take Time to Slow Down and Breathe Deeply. One of our best sellers, this card deck is the perfect way to teach children various breathing techniques. Taking a pause to practice a breathing technique might be just the thing the children need to calm their minds and bodies during or after a busy day. By using fun and engaging visuals and clever exercises, you will have them—and maybe even yourself—breathing with intention and attention. (Value $9.95)  

2. Simple Meditations for Kids (book + audio) 

Help Kids Find Stillness While Also Reducing Stress and Tension. Let’s show kids how to find stillness and reduce stress when times are tough. This “positive emotions” meditation pack includes: ten guided meditations, coloring pages for each meditation, and ten audio files of each meditation read by the author. (Value: 19.95)

3. Mindfulness Cards for Kids 

Teach Kids to Be in the Now and to Be Appreciative of the World Around Them. Teach your kids how to slow down and be in the present even when the world is swirling about them. Introduce mindfulness to children in a fun and simple way with these colorful and engaging cards. Teach them a valuable skill they’ll use for a lifetime. (Value: $9.95) 


4. Calming Yoga Cards for Kids

Teach Kids to Find Focus and Stay Relaxed Through Movement. Calming Yoga Cards provide an engaging, safe, and creative way to help soothe your children while giving them valuable tools to do so on their own. Help your kids manage those big emotions and learn new tools to thrive. (Value: $9.95) 

5. Calming Coloring Pages for Kids - Animals

Find New and Creative Ways To Calm Down. Coloring is a wonderful way to help children calm down and teach them to focus. This set of coloring pages includes 20 mandala-inspired coloring pages. Print and hand them out during transition times or simply when you need a few minutes to catch your breath. (Value: $8.95)  

6. Positive Affirmations for Kids 

Boost Self-Esteem and Promote Optimism. Reduce stress and bring more positivity to children’s lives. With an optimistic mindset, they can view the world from a more inspiring, hopeful point of view. This deck includes 55 inspiring and colorful positive statements, plus a black-and-white version you can use as coloring pages. (Value: $9.95) 


7. 40 Partner Yoga Poses Cards for Kids

Learn to Better Connect and Work Together. One of our most popular decks, partner yoga poses is a wonderful opportunity to teach cooperation and connection. These simple and fun poses encourage teamwork and can be used to demonstrate a variety of cooperative concepts. (Value: $9.95) 

8. DIY Yoga Games for Small Groups

Find New and Fun Ways to Work Together. Introduce yoga in a fun and light-hearted way through yoga games! These yoga games were designed using common games you probably already have at home or in the classroom. This book includes 10 simple and engaging group games everyone will enjoy. (Value: $9.95)

9. 25 Group Yoga Pose Cards for Kids 

Learn to Work Better in a Group and Promote Cooperation. Group yoga poses encourage cooperation, collaboration, and a whole lot of fun! Try out calmer poses such as group cobbler’s pose or more physically challenging poses such as group reverse table top pose or group plank pose. Teamwork and leadership are important parts of completing the poses. (Value: $9.95)



10. Breathe-Calm-Connect Minipack

Teach the Trifeca of Being a Happy Healthy Child. Teach kids to focus, calm, regulate their emotions, and connect to others with this handy minideck. This sampler from three of our most popular card decks includes breathing exercises, calming yoga poses, and partner poses for you to explore with your children. (Value: $7.95)

11. Breathe, Calm, and Connect in 10 Minutes a Day Workbook 

Bring it All Together with a Daily Routine! This done-for-you workbook will help you easily integrate yoga and mindfulness into your student’s or child’s busy day. Four weeks of daily yoga and mindfulness activities based on the following themes: Breathe, Calm, Connect, Move, and Play. (Value: $19.95)


I already own a product or two in this bundle. Can I swap in another product?

First off, thank you for purchasing our products. We are super grateful! But sorry, no substitutions at this time please.  

Will something be mailed to me?

This is a digital-only product, meaning you will be able to download ALL the resources immediately upon purchase. We’re able to offer this low price because it’s digital. 

Is there a physical version available for purchase?

This is a digital-only product, and we don't have a physical version available at this time.

What do I need to know about downloading?

You will receive a zip file after purchase. You will need to be able to unzip the file using either Winzip or 7Zip, which is often a standard application on your computer. Full instructions on downloading and opening zip files are available here:

What ages are the yoga resources suitable for?  

The resources in this pack target children ages four and over. However, our yoga resources can easily be adapted for various ages and developmental needs. Our yoga products are designed to act as springboards to other learning experiences suitable for any age.  

Will I need a printer to access my digital products?  

A printer is not necessary. You can view the products on any device. You can, however, print them out if you prefer. Find printing instructions for our digital products here: 

I am not a techy. So by digital, you mean that I download it and can then print it out?

You can either print them off (as 3x5 cards or full size) or simply view them on your laptop, phone, tablet, or computer. It's up to you how you choose to use them.

I'm new to yoga. Is this a good fit for me?
You don't need to have prior experience to do partner poses or yoga games. Every pose suggested comes with detailed descriptions, and the games are based on familiar family games. Simply have fun exploring these poses and games with your children. 

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