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How would you feel if your classroom was calm?

Today’s classrooms are anything but calm and conducive to learning. With kids running about, not listening to instructions, blurting out anything and everything that comes to mind, and generally disrupting the learning experience, chaos has become the norm.

We all know it isn’t the kid’s fault. They simply need tools. And these strategies aren’t the ones we were taught as kids or in school. Children today are in need of real tools to self-regulate and learn to calm down in a variety of situations.

Imagine looking out to a classroom of children, all with eyes closed, listening to a soothing meditation and enjoying the quiet time.

Imagine helping to build a kid’s confidence and resiliency through activities that are rooted in the concepts of mindfulness and growth mindset.

These are skills that this generation growing up in a highly anxious time will need, and these tools will last a lifetime.

Be the teacher who makes a difference in the lives of your children now and for years to come!

The "Calm Classroom Starter Pack" includes:  

  • Mindfulness Cards for KidsTeach kids to slow down and be present in every moment. Do you wish you had a simple way to introduce the concepts of mindfulness to kids? Mindfulness Cards for Kids can help you visually and actively teach mindfulness practices to children. These twenty-five unique ways to help children slow down and self-regulate are a great addition to a calm corner. (Value $9.95)
  • Growth Mindset Yoga Cards for KidsFresh ways to teach children to love challenges and be curious. Growth mindset is a valuable concept to promote self-esteem and a love of learning, although it can be challenging to teach to young ones that mistakes can be a learning experience. Growth Mindset Yoga Cards for Kids demonstrates these concepts through movement, activities, and color. (Value $9.95)
  • Breathing Exercises Cards for Kids. Quickly calm the class with fun breath exercises. Watch your children soothe and calm themselves with these simple yet powerful breathing techniques. We aren’t taught to breathe properly, but these colorful Breathing Exercises Cards for Kids will show you and your children exactly how to slow down. (Value $9.95)
  • Simple Meditations for Kids. Finally bring meditation to your classroom. Not all meditations are appropriate for children. These simple and kid-friendly guided meditations encourage calm, confidence, and creativity. Use the written guided meditations by reading aloud in the classroom, or better yet, play the audios that Giselle, founder of Kids Yoga Stories, has recorded for you. (Value $19.95)

Everything in the starter pack is great for circle time, quiet time, or any time during the day when your kiddos (and YOU) feel overwhelmed.

This amazing classroom starter pack lists for $49.80... NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY $17.45 USD! That's 65% off! 

Gain the confidence and have the resources at your fingertips to create a calm classroom today!



The yoga kids are multicultural from seven countries.

Age group: Ages 4+. Printing Instructions

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Love it
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1019 reviews
Great detail good go to resource

Great go to resources
Works well will disabled children, great stories you can keep the children engaged

A helpful tool

I have been following Giselle for a while and I am always impressed and grateful for how she shares her knowledge. Her talents are a gift that makes me more confident in my teaching. This was a great purchase!

Resilient Kids Starter Pack
christel n. (Riemst, BE)
yamas en niyamas

I like it when kids can get the opportunity to learn the importance about the behavior values when going into relationship with others. in a respectful way thinking about life and stuff and learning how to grow up to be a wonderful person by standing with true values in life themselves.
thank you also for the wonderful resilience tips

Ultimate Starter Bundle Special
Madeleine (Auckland, NZ)
Very high value

This pack is full of relatable stories and engaging activities! It's taken the stress out of planning my classes, because I know I can always find something from KYS to incorporate into the day. (-: Thank you!

Restorative Yoga Cards for Grownups