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Kids Yoga Stories

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Are you looking for fresh ways to connect with your kids?

It can be challenging when life gets busy. 


  • juggling our children’s needs alongside our own work and responsibilities
  • coping with underlying stress that has manifested after a year of changing routines 
  • managing the big and varied emotions that our kids are experiencing
  • battling the desire for screen time when you would prefer they spend time playing and reading
  • running around, checking off you’re to-do list and trying to stay atop of everything

No matter how much time in a day you spend with your children, you may find that the quality of that time together is suffering.

Or you have simply run out of creative ways to connect and have fun. 

That’s where the Kids Yoga Stories digital “Get Connected Pack” comes to the rescue.


The Get Connected Pack includes:

1. Adult-Child Partner Poses Cards

Cultivate Quality Grownup-Kid Time: Connect with your child in unique ways through movement and cooperation with Adult-Child Partner Poses Cards. Doing yoga with your children is a special way of spending time with them and creating special moments. This deck includes 15 adult-child partner poses and 15 corresponding description cards. (Value: $9.95)

2. Superhero Partner Pose Cards

Inspire Your Little Superheroes to Work Together: Get kids working together with their siblings in healthy, productive ways with Superhero Partner Pose Cards. A positive statement is included on each card to encourage kids to be their very best. This card deck includes 15 illustrated cards showing the partner postures and 15 corresponding yoga pose instructional cards. (Value: $9.95)

3. 25 Group Yoga Poses Cards

Increase Strength and Flexibility While Having Fun: Build connection, increase strength and flexibility, and have fun with 25 Group Yoga Poses Card. These fun, engaging, and energizing group yoga poses are meant to inspire and be a guide to get your whole family moving and stretching together.  This card deck includes 25 group yoga poses and 25 detailed descriptions on how to execute the poses. (Value: $9.95)

4. DIY Yoga Games for Small Groups

Get Kids Engaged and Having Fun with Games. Playing games is a wonderful way to engage your children in a group activity. DIY Yoga Games for Small Groups uses games you already have at home to incorporate yoga poses in a way you probably hadn’t thought possible. Eight games are included, along with a list of materials you’ll need, instructions for how to play, and additional worksheets to use with each game. Fun for the whole family. (Value: $8.95)

5. Breathe-Calm-Connect Minideck

Just Breathe! Teach kids to focus, calm, and regulate their emotions with the Breathe-Calm-Connect Minideck. This sampler from three of our most-popular card decks includes breathing exercises, calming yoga poses, and partner poses for you to explore with your children. This deck includes 5 breathing exercises, 5 calming yoga poses, and 5 partner poses plus detailed instructions for every exercise. (Value: $7.95)

Plus, you’ll receive:

  • Partner Yoga Pose Poster
  • 40 Homeschool Yoga Ideas

All the decks and ebooks come with detailed instructions for each and every pose, as well as yoga tips and recommendations to get the most out of your time together. You can download and print or simply use the products on your tablet or device.

They’re easy to use even if you’re new to yoga!

Download your pack today.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Will something be mailed to me?

This is a digital-only product meaning you will be able to download ALL the resources immediately upon purchase. We’re able to offer this low price because it’s digital. 

Is there a physical version available for purchase?

This is a digital-only product and we don't have a physical version available at this time.

What do I need to know about downloading?

You will receive a zip file after purchase. You will need to be able to unzip the file using either Winzip or 7Zip which is often a standard application on your computer. Full instructions on downloading and opening zip files are available here:

What ages are the yoga resources suitable for?  

The resources in this pack target children ages 4+. However, our yoga resources can be adapted for various ages and developmental needs. Our yoga products are designed to act as springboards to other learning experiences suitable for any age.  

Will I need a printer to access my digital products?  

A printer is not necessary. You can view the products on any device. You can, however, print them out if you prefer. Find printing instructions for our digital products here: 

I am not a techy. So by digital, you mean that I downloaded it and can then print it out?

You can either print them off (as 3x5 cards or full size) or simply view them on your laptop, phone, tablet, or computer. It's up to you how you choose to use them.

I'm new to yoga. Is this a good fit for me?

You don't need to have prior experience to do partner poses or yoga games. Every pose suggested comes with detailed descriptions and the games are based on familiar family games. Simply have fun exploring these poses and games with your children. 

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Mojca P. (Ljubljana, SI)

Get Connected Pack

Melissa J. (Cape Town, ZA)

Get Connected Pack

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I teach kids and youth yoga classes at schools and found the kids yoga cards very helpful as a visual resource. Each pose has a picture and an explanation of how to teach the pose, and I also use Velcro dots and place them on a whiteboard and the children can choose which pose to practice. The cards and service are wonderful, high quality, and professional. Highly recommended for classroom or at home!

Seven Grandfather's Teachings

I was so excited to find this lesson and appreciated being able to bring a fresh approach, to the season of gratitude, with it! I will definitely be incorporating elements of it again and again!

25 Group Yoga Poses for Kids Cards
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Kids Yoga Cards

I teach kids and youth yoga classes at schools and found the kids yoga cards very helpful as a visual resource. Each pose has a picture and an explanation of how to teach the pose, and I also use Velcro dots and place them on a white board and the children can choose which pose to practice. The cards and service are wonderful, high quality and professional. Highly recommended for classroom or at home!

Adult-child cards

Lovely cards, with describing pictures off the poses.

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I like these cards. They are bright, colorful and come with proper illustrations and descriptions. Excellent and helpful resource!