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Fun and simple themes with monthly yoga poses and kids books recommendations!

To spark your imagination, each monthly theme includes five yoga poses for kids and five recommended children's books.

This 31-page eBook is for teachers, parents, kids yoga teachers, caregivers, and health practitioners looking for simple, convenient ways to add yoga into your curriculum, classes, or home life.

Age group: Toddlers to Early Primary, ages 3 to 8.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Eileen M.S.
The beauty of Kids Yoga Stories Kids Yoga Cla …

The beauty of Kids Yoga Stories Kids Yoga Class Ideas book is the flexibility. These ideas can be used daily, weekly or for an entire month. This resource gives teachers more time on the mats practicing yoga with children and less time at the screen writing lesson plans. I especially like the Feelings ideas in April. Giselle reaches beyond the cliche triangle pose with Shapes in June and gives us unique ways to add shape to tried and true poses. Imagine yourself a circle in child's pose really adds a dimension. Unique themes keep yoga classes fresh and non-gender specific. Nocturnal Animals, Camping Yoga and Holiday Yoga Ideas will be wonderful addition to fall classes.

Renee C.
I am a Youth Services Librarian in a very bus …

I am a Youth Services Librarian in a very busy public library system. I host a yoga storytime for ages 4 to 8. This will be a great resource for planning. The book lists are a great addition. I love that the themes are not typical and are creative enough to allow the kids to use their imaginations to add their own ideas. This is a great resource for librarians, teachers, and parents! Thank you Giselle!

Leanna G.M.
I am a homeschooling mom and have been wantin …

I am a homeschooling mom and have been wanting to incorporate mindfulness and specifically yoga into our routine. I love how easy this e-book makes it! There is a theme for each month, with new poses to try, as well as a suggested reading list. I have taken some yoga classes but am not an instructor, yet I still found this very easy to follow. The poses are explained simply, with illustrations, so it is easy for the children to understand. I can't wait to use this with my kids!

Kids Yoga Class Ideas is a wonderful resource …

Kids Yoga Class Ideas is a wonderful resource to encourage children to read while also improving their physical and mental well-being through yoga. As a psychologist and yoga teacher I think it is is important for children to become familiar with poses and having five per month is a good way for children to be familiar with poses to create their own flows and start adapting the poses to their own adventures, encouraging their creativity through play. This is a structured tool that can help teachers with little or no experience in creating yoga flows and how to adapt and select poses to fit a specific themed class. Flows can be combined with different stories and every practice can become a new adventure. The drawings are beautiful and gender inclusive, as both girls and boys are included from different ethnic backgrounds, allowing all children to feel included, empowered and validated. Everyone is welcome to play! Themes can also be adapted for indoor and outdoor yoga activities and I am really looking forward to include this resource in my regular classes. Loved it!

Kim R.
I'm a homeschooling mom of two and yoga teach …

I'm a homeschooling mom of two and yoga teacher. This book is great resource for generating ideas. My two children are on each end of the suggested age spectrum, and the poses and order suggested are enough alone for my little one, where as there's enough inspiration to create a fuller practice for my older one. Each month has a theme with a page of five poses and and a page with five suggested books. There is a brief description of each pose and a "pretend to be ..." idea that correlates with the theme (i.e., under the shapes theme month, "pretend to be a square" in table top pose). The next page includes five books and a brief description, with picture of the cover. The book also includes a brief introduction with instructions on setting up your practice, such as be safe, wear comfy clothes, practice barefoot. There are no instructions beyond those first couple of pages so someone not very familiar with yoga would need to seek additional resources. The brevity of instructions and poses is a strength, however. Kids yoga should be fun and simple, just like this guide. Ultimately, it's a great time-saving resources as well as inspiration if you need a gentle push and some assurance to get a yoga practice up and going with the children in your life.

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