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Kids Yoga Stories

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Bringing yoga and mindfulness to children
starts with YOU!

We often hear from the Kids Yoga Stories community members that they dont know HOW to get started with introducing yoga and mindfulness to children.

Guess what? 

It actually starts with YOU!

Would you have guessed that? That’s okay. Most people dive in and want to quickly bring yoga and mindfulness to children because they know how beneficial it can be for their learning, development, health, and wellness.

However, we have found that the fastest and easiest way to bring yoga and mindfulness to children is to have a solid practice of your own. Not only will you have a better sense of what works and a whole host of tools and strategies to draw upon but you will be calm, cool, and collected—essentially, a role model for your kids!

When you are self-regulated, you’re better able to teach, demonstrate, and provide tools to help others self-regulate. When you are calm and grounded, students see an example of what that looks like in the real world and can emulate.

When you are managing stress with ease and grace by using breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, or movement, children come to realize that these tools are available to them, as well. You don’t need to run off to an ashram or take a five-hundred-hour yoga teacher training to learn the basics of bringing yoga and mindfulness to your life.

Giselle Shardlow, founder of Kids Yoga Stories, will walk you through the four steps to get started:

Step One: How to get yourself calm and ready

Step Two: What yoga and mindfulness is (and is not) and why we practice

Step Three: How to practice yoga and mindfulness activities

Step Four: How to make yoga and mindfulness a daily habit

yoga and mindfulness 101

In this introductory course, you will:

  • Discover your own strategies, practices, and self-care rituals to help you self-regulate. This includes a variety of calming exercises that you can easily incorporate into your life daily—or at a moment’s notice in times of stress.
  • Explore what yoga and mindfulness are and what they are not! By having a solid understanding of what yoga and mindfulness really is—including the history and benefits of these practices—you will be able to better incorporate the exercises into your life, introduce them to children and families, and explain the powerful benefits to others.
  • Dive in and experience a variety of practices, including yoga postures, meditations, mindfulness activities, and breathing exercises so that you can discover the practices you most enjoy and can easily fit into your busy schedule.
  • Learn powerful daily activities and grounding practices to prepare yourself to confidently bring yoga and mindfulness to your students and children.
  • Build your very own calendar of yoga and mindfulness exercises that suits your desires, goals, lifestyle, and busy schedule.

yoga and mindfulness 101

This course includes:

  • Nineteen videos, including instructional videos, mindfulness and yoga videos, and tips and strategy videos.
  • A handy workbook for you to jot your ideas, explore your practices, take notes, and refer back to at a moment’s notice so you’re never without good ideas to keep you grounded.
  • A quick, easy-to-understand guide to the scientific benefits of yoga and mindfulness so that you can easily share these with parents, peers, teachers, and administrators especially if you’ve gotten push-back in the past.
  • Simple explanation (you can easily share with others) of what yoga and mindfulness are and what they are not so that you’re clear on what you’ll be teaching and sharing with children.
  • Several mindfulness and breathing exercises that you can easily incorporate into your life and daily practice to stay calm, focused, and stress-free, even if a regular meditation practice has eluded you in the past.
  • Simple yoga poses you can do at home that don’t require you to spend money on expensive props or ninety-minute classes. These poses are meant to easily fit into your life and enable you to rest, rejuvenate, or ground—whatever may be calling to you that day.

If you’ve been wanting to bring yoga and mindfulness to children and didn’t know where to start, then Yoga & Mindfulness 101 is for you!

Not only will you develop your very own self-care, self-compassionate, and self-regulation practice that will help you de-stress while promoting resilience, calm, and self-compassion—but you will be ready to introduce yoga and mindfulness practices to children with confidence and ease!

Are you ready?

Instant access when you purchase today!



What are some benefits of yoga and mindfulness?

  • Eases anxiety, decreases stress, and reduces tension so that you can focus more on the positive aspects of life and lead a happier, healthier, and more purposeful life.
  • Reduces anger, depression, and fatigue so that you can better manage the highs and lows of life now and long into the future.
  • Increases resilience and coping frequency so that challenges and setbacks dont derail you from your goals in life.
  • Improves coping skills and teaches healthy, productive ways to manage challenging, tension-filled times with ease and grace.
  • Enhances focus, attention, concentration, comprehension, and memory so you can better perform the activities you enjoy and be present to your loved ones.
  • Provides opportunities for patience, reflection, and self-insight, thereby improving your self-confidence and resilience.
  • Increases flexibility, strength, and balance, thereby promoting a healthy body image and creating healthy habits around physical activities.  

Im new to yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Is this for me?

Absolutely. You dont need to have had a previous yoga or meditation practice to bring these yoga and mindfulness practices to your life. The resources in this workbook come with detailed instructions and tons of tips, so you will have the confidence to quickly perform the exercises provided. All you need is curiosity and the willingness to learn. You can also simply listen to the daily videos in our course area for guidance, along with relaxing music!


Can I share these resources with friends? 

No. These digital products are for personal use only. If you'd like to buy an additional license of the workbook or bundle, please contact us directly at giselle @ kidsyogastories. com, and we can provide you with a discounted multi-license price. We follow the standard guidelines for digital products (similar to You can find our terms of use at the top of this page:

Will I receive anything in the mail?

This is a digital-only product, and you will not receive anything in the mail. Were able to offer this incredibly low price because it is digital. You get instant access to all these resources to use/print when youre ready. You can print off what you need when youre ready to use it or have it on your mobile device or computer to use at a moments notice. And you can save a few trees while you’re at!

Is there a guarantee?

Of course! When you take advantage of this special sale today, you have a full thirty days to decide whether or not you want to keep it or return it for a full refund. If, for any reason, you decide this resource is not for you, simply reach out, and my team will provide a full, prompt refund. 

How do I access the workbook and videos after purchasing?

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Alternatively you can access your this course and workbook by following these steps:

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You will be able to easily download the Yoga & Mindfulness 101 workbook within the course area.


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1020 reviews
Polly's Perfect Pet
Orsolya (Louvain-la-Neuve, BE)
Yoga and problem solving in one single book

I really enjoyed reading the new yoga book from Giselle. It is not only well structured and easy to understand (I practice yoga with kids who are not native speaker of the English language) but also full of super yoga poses for kids. What I really liked in the book, that she went through a problem solving technic what the children can practice already in early age. At the end of the book there is a surprise and I am totally sure that you cannot guess which animal Poly will finally choose . Surprise, surprise!!!
I am waiting for the next book already.

Polly's Perfect Pet
Krystal K. (Melbourne, AU)
Perfect pet

This is such a beautiful illustrated story with a wonderful story. Really love the layout and the yoga poses that are with the story. I would recommend to have this book in your collection not only for kids yoga teachers but parents, kindergartens, child care centres and schools. Great combined story with yoga for quiet time or anytime.

A helpful tool

I have been following Giselle for a while and I am always impressed and grateful for how she shares her knowledge. Her talents are a gift that makes me more confident in my teaching. This was a great purchase!

Resilient Kids Starter Pack
christel n. (Riemst, BE)
yamas en niyamas

I like it when kids can get the opportunity to learn the importance about the behavior values when going into relationship with others. in a respectful way thinking about life and stuff and learning how to grow up to be a wonderful person by standing with true values in life themselves.
thank you also for the wonderful resilience tips

Ultimate Starter Bundle Special
Madeleine (Auckland, NZ)
Very high value

This pack is full of relatable stories and engaging activities! It's taken the stress out of planning my classes, because I know I can always find something from KYS to incorporate into the day. (-: Thank you!