Chair Yoga Collection

Chair yoga makes it easy when you’re short on space, time and props.

Kids can easily utilize their very own chair to practice yoga poses, breathe, stretch and calm down.

Chair yoga is great for brain breaks, transition time between lessons, and to help focus the children for learning. 

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Animal bundle

I love your products, but this recent product is printing very dark. The background is white on the print preview but dark blue when it prints. I can’t see the animals.

Stories That Come To Life!

The stories come alive for the children. The imagination can go wild!

Awesome products! Tracy

Ultimate Animal Bundle

Fantastic product! The amount of product for the price was an amazing deal! Thank you!!

Excellent resources

Beautifully illustrated yoga cards.
The moves are simply explained and this puts them in the grasp of everyone.
Fun for adults and kids together

Winter Yoga Cards for Kids