How to Add Mindfulness to the School Day Mini-Course

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Are you overwhelmed with ideas and struggling to bring mindfulness to your students?

Do you find yourself limited by time and resources, unsure of how to get buy-in from the children?

If so, this mini-course is designed to help you overcome these challenges and take action towards incorporating mindfulness into your school day.

Lesson One:
Explore Examples In this lesson, you'll discover various examples of how mindfulness can be integrated into the school day. By exploring different approaches, you can find the best fit for you, your students, and your objectives.

Lesson Two:
Get Clarity Building a solid foundation is essential for any mindfulness program. In this lesson, you'll gain clarity on the basic elements of your program, including who it's for, what it entails, why it's important, where it will take place, when it will be implemented, and how it will be executed.

Lesson Three:
Create a Plan Crafting a customized mindfulness program is the key to making it effective and engaging for your students. In this lesson, you'll learn how to develop a plan tailored to the needs and preferences of your students. You'll also explore how to make yoga and mindfulness enjoyable and interactive.


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By enrolling in this mini-course, you'll gain instant access to valuable resources and materials, including:

  • 3 Video Lessons: These lessons will guide you through the step-by-step process of designing your mindfulness program (60 minutes in total)
  • 3 Interviews with Teachers: Learn from experienced teachers who have successfully introduced regular mindfulness activities in their schools. Gain insights and inspiration from their real-world experiences.
  • Handy-Dandy Workbook: Keep track of your progress, ideas, and reflections with this practical workbook designed to accompany the course.
  • Q&A Session: Although this session is pre-recorded, you have the opportunity to submit your questions ahead of time. Giselle and her team will answer these questions in a 45-minute Q&A session, providing additional guidance and support.
  • Additional Resources and Suggestions: Access a curated collection of additional resources, recommendations, and suggestions to enhance your understanding and implementation of mindfulness in the school day.

Don't let overwhelm hold you back from bringing mindfulness to your students. 

Instantly access the "How to Add Mindfulness to the School Day Mini-Course" today and take the first step towards creating a customized mindfulness program that will benefit both you and your students now... and for years to come!

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