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The Ultimate Yoga and Mindfulness Bundle Specifically Created for Kids Yoga Teachers!

Unleash the full potential of your teaching with this curated treasure trove of resources crafted specifically to enhance your role as a guide to children.

Where are you on your journey?

Limited variety in yoga sessions
Stuck in a rut with the same poses? Struggling to keep kids engaged?

You'll now have access hundreds of diverse yoga poses and partner poses for dynamic, captivating classes.

Engagement challenges
Difficulty capturing kids' attention and maintaining focus?

You'll now be able to get them engaged with 24 fun and easy yoga games to get them focused, moving, and having fun. 

New to kid's yoga instruction
Feeling unsure about teaching kids yoga confidently

You'll now be equipped with the tools and strategies needed with "Teaching Kids Yoga Quick Start Videos" which includes expert guidance and quick tips to get started.

Lack of structured lesson plans
Overwhelmed with organizing lessons effectively?

You'll now be able to simplify your lesson planning with 30 themed yoga sequences, designed for a variety of interests.

Looking to bring in character education
Want to promote more character education and social growth in students?

Now you'll be able to align lessons with the Yamas and Niyamas of yoga using specialized cards for character education and social-emotional learning (SEL).

Limited resources for age-appropriate guided meditations
Struggling to introduce meditation effectively?

Now you can enhance your classes with ten guided meditations that you can read to your class or hit play and listen in to the corresponding audio files.


In this comprehensive bundle, you will discover an array of tools designed to elevate your kids' yoga sessions and make teaching an enriching experience for both you and your students.

⭐  Access a comprehensive collection of 108 popular yoga poses with easy-to-follow instructions, illustrated cards, and description cards with 108 Yoga Poses for Kids.

 Mix and match 25 additional yoga poses with illustrated keywords, offering endless creative possibilities for kids with Yoga Poses for Kids Cards (Deck Two).

⭐  Encourage fun and engaging partner yoga with 40 modified poses, promoting safe, collaborative, and fun practice for children with Partner Yoga Poses Cards for Kids.

⭐  Inspire gratitude and kindness in children with 30 motivating quotes and calming mandala-inspired illustrations with Coloring Pages: Gratitude and Kindness.

⭐  Introduce calm and stress reduction with 20 playful yoga pose designs, including cat pose, cow pose, and eagle pose with Calming Coloring Pages for Kids - Yoga Poses.

⭐  Enjoy 12 engaging group games, each with adapted yoga instructions, materials list, and classic game references with "Yogi Says..." and Other Easy Yoga Games.

⭐  Access 12 yoga games adapted from classic children's games, designed for easy setup, minimal rules explanation, and adaptable to children's interests and needs Yoga Hopscotch and Other Easy Yoga Games.

⭐  Utilize a meditation pack with ten guided meditations and accompanying coloring pages, enriched by audio files for an immersive experience Simple Meditation for Kids (+ Audios).

⭐  Explore 30 playful themes for quick 5-pose yoga sequences, covering diverse themes from endangered animals to gratitude with Simple Yoga Sequences for Kids (Book 2).

⭐   Introduce children to yoga joyfully with 20 beginner poses, accompanied by colorful cards, teaching tips, and Sanskrit terms, making learning yoga fun and accessible with Beginner Yoga Cards.

⭐  Instill values and behaviors like happiness, honesty, and gratitude in children with cards that align with the Yamas and Niyamas of yoga, perfect for character education and social-emotional learning (SEL) with Yamas and Niyamas Cards for Kids.

⭐ Help children understand their energetic bodies and minds with 20 chakra yoga poses, each paired with positive affirmations and detailed instructions for enhanced well-being with  Chakra Cards for Kids.

⭐ Gain valuable insights and strategies with a 5-video series, covering lesson planning, class management, attention-capturing techniques, and calming methods, providing over an hour and a half of practical guidance for confidently teaching children yoga with Teaching Kids Yoga Quick-Start Videos.


Our multicultural yoga kids add an inclusive touch to this enriching bundle.

Get ready to instantly download and embark on this incredible yoga journey with your students today!


Detailed Description of Each Product Within this Bundle:


This collection of popular yoga poses gives you and your kids a large variety of poses to choose from. 

This book includes 236 colorful pages includes: 

  • detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for 108 yoga poses
  • 108 illustrated cards showing the postures
  • 108 matching description cards

(Value: $19.95)



Mix-and-match 25 more yoga poses for kids with 25 illustrated keywords (categories are Travel, Camping, and Animals). 

(Value: $9.95) 


Try all your favorite poses with a partner! Invite your children to practice Seated Cat Pose, Tree Pose, Eagle Pose, Downward-Facing Dog Pose, and so many more fun and engaging partner yoga poses. All 40 poses are modified for partners to practice safely together. This set includes 40 cards with illustrations of the partner yoga poses and 40 matching yoga description cards.

 (Value: $9.95)


Thirty motivating quotes and are designed for children in third through fifth grade, but anyone who loves to color might enjoy them! These illustrations were inspired by the calming nature of mandalas, and they feature gratitude and kindness quotes meant to brighten your children’s busy days.

(Value: $8.95)


Twenty yoga pose designs to invite calm and reduce stress. These illustrations were inspired by the calming nature of mandalas, and they feature simple yoga pose designs meant to invite calm to children’s busy days. Choose from twenty playful yoga poses including cat post, cow pose, and eagle pose.

(Value: $8.95)



This book includes 12 easy and engaging group games based on beloved children's games. Each of the twelve yoga games includes:

 the classic game the yoga game was adapted from

 a list of materials you’ll need to play the game

 instructions for playing the yoga game

These yoga games are designed for children ages 4 to 9 years of age (preschool to third grade), but they could be adapted for younger or older children.

(Value: $9.95)



Are you looking for yoga games that have been adapted from classic kids games, so you don’t have to spend much time explaining the rules or setting up? Each of the twelve yoga games includes: 

  • a list of materials you’ll need to play the game 
  • instructions for playing the yoga game 

These yoga games are designed for children ages four to nine (preschool to third grade), but they could be adapted for younger or older children. Each game could last between five and twenty minutes, depending on the needs and interests of the children participating. 

(Value: $9.95)



This meditation pack includes:

  • Simple Meditations for Kids. This book includes ten guided meditations and coloring pages for each meditation to provide to your children.
  • Ten audio files of each meditation read by the author.

(Value: $19.95)



Looking for a set of simple lesson guides with a quick 5-pose yoga sequence based on a single theme? This eBook has a total of 30 playful and fun themes, each on a single page that you can copy or print off and practice with your children in the classroom or at home. Themes include: Endangered Animals, Galapagos Yoga, Gratitude Yoga, Mermaid Yoga, Dinosaur Yoga, Opposites Yoga, and more.

    (Value: $19.95)




    This colorful deck is a wonderful way to introduce your children to the joys of yoga. This deck of 47 colorful cards includes: 

    • instructions for 20 beginner yoga poses
    • 20 illustrated cards showing the poses
    • yoga teaching tips
    • 20 matching description cards
    • Sanskrit provided for each pose

      (Value: $9.95)




      Thousands of years ago, an Indian sage named Patanjali wrote a philosophical text called The Yoga Sutras. Two of the eight limbs were the Yamas and Niyamas, which provide us with a guide for us to make good choices in life. This moral code of conduct includes values and behaviors like happiness, honesty, and gratitude to help us be responsible people both to ourselves and others around us. The following cards can help integrate these yoga principles into character-education or social-emotional-learning (SEL) lessons. For each Yama and Niyama you are provided: a question (thoughts), mantra (words), yoga pose (actions). This deck includes an index card, yoga tips, pose instructions, 10 yoga pose cards, 10 mantra cards, 10 question cards, and 10 yoga pose description cards. 

        (Value: $9.95)




        Help children learn the basic energetics of their growing bodies and minds with Chakra Cards for Kids. These chakra yoga poses can help them tune in to their own health and wellness. This deck includes:

        • 20 chakra yoga poses paired with 20 positive affirmations/mantras
        • Simple description of the chakra system
        • Yoga tips
        • Detailed instructions for each yoga pose

        For each chakra, you are provided with:

        • A basic description of the chakra location, color association, yoga poses, and corresponding positive affirmation to accompany yoga pose.
        • 2-4 yoga poses per chakra (total of 20 yoga poses)

          (Value: $9.95)



          Help children learn the basic energetics of their growing bodies and minds with Chakra Cards for Kids

          In this 5-video series, you will:

          • Get the strategies to create a robust yoga lesson plan before you introduce yoga to children in your classroom or studio.
          • Find out the 25 things you must consider BEFORE you even begin your yoga class.
          • Discover 30 fun and easy ways to capture children’s attention and keep them focused DURING yoga.
          • Discover how to confidently use the breathing cards to help your class calm down and focus.

          Five videos with over an hour and half of useful tips, strategies, and new ideas for bringing fun, calm, and movement into your class!

          (value: $49.75)

          kids yoga teacher resources

          The yoga kids featured in the illustrations are multicultural and from a variety of countries.

          Here are some Printing Instructions for our yoga cards. 



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          W.A.K.P. (Houston, TX, US)
          William Kritsonis - One of the Nation's Top Yoga Teachers

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          Yoga Alliance ID:  290994
          Designation(s):  E-RYT 500, E-RYT 200, YACEP
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          Dr. Kritsonis Designation(s):  E-RYT 500, E-RYT 200, YACEP. Chair Yoga Certified Teacher, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. Yogi Kritsonis is recognized as an expert in one or more of Yoga Alliance’s Categories - Techniques, Training & Practice (How to practice yoga); Teaching Methodology (How to teach yoga effectively); Anatomy & Physiology (The physical and energetic body of yoga); Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics (History, philosophy, ethics and lifestyle practices of yoga). William was selected as one of Houston’s Top Trainers as a Yoga Teacher.

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