Mindful Kids in 10 Minutes a Day: Preschool-2nd Grade

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Mindfulness Made Easy... for Everyone!

Mindful Kids in 10 Minutes a Day: PreK-2nd Grade will help you easily bring mindfulness to children in preschool through second grade!

Each day, you are provided with a single ten-minute practice to introduce mindfulness to kids. This done-for-you mindful kids workbook takes the guesswork out of what to do. You open the daily mindfulness workbook to the select day and go!

You can spend less time trying to figure out what to do… and simply focus on bringing more calm, peace, and joy to your classroom.

These quick and easy mindful activities can be added to your preschool learning activities, mindful moments, mindfulness clubs, play therapy classes, preschool yoga class, or kindergarten yoga breaks, part of your brain breaks in the classroom, circle time, counseling sessions, and social emotional learning activities. They are a great addition to a calm-down corner and collection of mindfulness books for preschoolers. The activities can also become an anxiety-relief tool in your toolbox of emotional regulation strategies.

These age-appropriate, simple sensory activities and breathing exercises will provide new tools and helpful strategies for students and children to thrive… today and for many years to come.

  • Have a fresh approach to exploring emotions and finding calm in a way that kids can easily understand… even if you’ve had a hard time getting buy-in from kids in the past.
  • Teach children simple self-regulation and resiliency skills daily that you can easily incorporate at home or in a classroom… without having to hunt for new resources or figure out how to deliver the information.
  • Gain the confidence and tools to introduce mindfulness in the classroom or at home to help anxious children self-regulate better… even when kids say they don’t need it and think it’s “lame.” 
  • Explore fun, engaging activities that meet them where they’re at… even when they have a tough time sitting still and are distracted by everything around them.
  • Provide new outlets for kids to interact, connect, and share feelings with one another… even when theyre asked to do so at a distance or with a mask on in person.
  • Discover how to easily embed or integrate mindfulness and breathing exercises during a child's day… regardless of whether it's distance-learning, in class, or a hybrid situation.
  • Capture children’s attention with a variety of interesting sensory activities introduced through colorful worksheets… even if kids show little patience or are not willing to give mindfulness a try.
  • Provide simple, engaging and fun brain and body breaks that children can easily remember and use at home, in the classroom, and anytime to self-regulate and destress… even if your students have zero interest and patience to even begin learning what mindfulness is.
  • Encourage healthy interactions and connections between you and your children and between peers or siblings… even if children are frustrated, short-tempered, or agitated.
  • Help kids become more in touch with their inner world and give them tools to express their moods, feelings, physical sensations, and emotions… even when they lack the words to express their feelings and emotions adequately.
  • Have all the ten-minute exercises in one handy downloadable/printable workbook… so you can easily squeeze mindfulness into an already-packed schedule when you’re pressured to hit every standard and academic requirement.

You Will Have Clear Mindfulness Instructions Every Day...

Each day, you are provided with a single 10-minute practice to introduce mindfulness to kids. This done-for-you workbook takes the guesswork out of what to do. You open the workbook to the select day and go!

You can spend less time trying to figure out what to do… and simply focus on bringing more calm, peace, and joy to your classroom.

These activities include a variety of sensory exercises by theme:

  • Listening Monday
  • Smelly Tuesday
  • Touching Wednesday
  • Looking Thursday
  • Breathing Friday

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Specifically designed for preschool through 2nd grade, this colorful workbook includes age-appropriate mindfulness exercises.

You will have everything you need in one handy workbook to help you bring mindfulness to your classroom! 

  • 4 weeks of simple, engaging, and age-appropriate mindfulness activities
  • Done-for-you 10-minute activities based on fun daily themes
  • Five themes include: Sound, Smell, Touch, Sight, and Breath
  • Handy weekly schedule to ensure ease of practice
  • Detailed instructions to make introducing the concepts easy
  • Instantly downloadable
  • Quick-start guide
  • Tips and strategies on how to bring mindfulness to children
  • Thirty-three colorful pages to explore and share with your kids

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the creation of Mindful Kids in 10 Minutes a Day. I introduced my class to the activities last week and they are loving it so far. The thing they like the most is the "Smelly Tuesday", as I call it. I think that the kids have been learning how their senses make a difference in the way they feel. They had a fantastic time with the Mystery Smell activity, and I was surprised at how the children were able to identify the smells and say how it made them feel, (or more often, if they liked the smell or not). I am looking forward to the other activities and I will continue to use the activities until they run out." - Ariella L.



Brand New! This New Interactive Version Includes...

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