Breathing Exercise Cards for Kids

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Don't forget to breathe! Help children to calm down and focus!

Practice any one of these thirty breathing techniques to release stress and tension. Help your children feel calm and focused with breathing exercises like Balloon Breath, Bee Breath, and Bunny Breath. Download these Breathing Exercise Cards (66 cards in total) to use in your home, classroom, or studio. Index, Breathing Exercise Tips, and Breath Instructions are included. Recommended ages: 4+

Please note: The printed cards are single-sided to allow for game playing and flexibility to use as needed. We also recommend using a hole punch and adding a ring to hold the cards together (see sample images).

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Customer Reviews

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Breathing Exercises Cards

I like the cards very much, I don't only use them in my kids class but my grown up classes as well. The quality of the graphics and the sturdy cards is a plus. I wish the other cards were also available in print. I only have access to black and white and is not the same printing your own.


Thanks for everything. I loved. In few weeks I will buy to partner cards.

Thanks e congrats for your job.

Wow! Here is another awesome set of cards fro …

Wow! Here is another awesome set of cards from Kids Yoga Stories! There are so many different breathing exercises. My favorite one is Shoulder Breath. How many adults and children do you know who hold tension in their shoulders? Ummmm... include me on that one! I love practicing that one and I know the benefits it can have to children who have stress. I love how she explains each breath exercise and the variations are so unique! This is definitely a set of cards you want to keep handy.

Giselle's new Breathing Exercise Cards are a …

Giselle's new Breathing Exercise Cards are a treasure to keep in your kid's ‘tool box.’ The cards are illustrated with easy-to-read instructions. In my opinion, these cards a blessing for children of all ages and adults alike. I would recommend them to anyone who wishes to see their children or the children they teach learn ways of diverting anxiety/stress before it takes hold of their young minds. As a yoga teacher and grandmother, I would highly recommend the purchase of these wonderful cards.

Omg Giselle!! These are amazing!!! I have alw …

Omg Giselle!! These are amazing!!! I have always wanted a great selection of breathing exercises that are quick and easy to grab on the run, especially with kindergarten children I teach. I usually have to go through a book and find breathing exercises, but this would be fabulous. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

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