The ABC's of Australian Animals

Kids Yoga Stories

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Learn the alphabet by acting out Australian animals!

Curl up like a koala, hop like a kangaroo, and waddle like a wombat as you act out an Australian animal for each letter of the alphabet. The book includes an alphabetical list of kids yoga poses and a parent-teacher guide. Learn something new, explore movement, and have fun together! Age group: Preschoolers ages 3-5.


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Customer Reviews

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Tracy A. (Waltham, US)
Super-fun & educational

I planned to use this book for one day of a five day kids yoga camp I taught in June 2020, and I ended up theming my entire week around it. The kids (and I) learned about so animals native to Australia. We had fun reviewing the poses we had learned earlier in the week and then adding in new ones as the week progressed. Each child also did a personalized Australian animal alphabet flow for the letter of his/her name. Thank you!

Karen (.A.
I got the books a week and a half ago. My dau …

I got the books a week and a half ago. My daughter loves them! I used the poses in our group the last couple of weeks - this week the kids chose one each and last week I photocopied the last page with the list, cut it into strips and hid them in the outside nature area so they had to find them and came back to do them and they really enjoyed this as well. The content being Australian animals really ties in well with the venue. I am thinking about how to tie them in with feelings and maybe an individual animal to help them feel strong/calm etc. They seem to love/ need movement so much.

Angela M.
Amazon review Another fun yoga adventure from …

Amazon review Another fun yoga adventure from Kids Yoga Stories! Here's what I love about the book: * Love the nice bright illustrations at the top of each page! I like that the animals and scenery are more prominent on each page yet the letter is still easy to spot. * Love the larger font & larger pose illustration at the bottom each page. Additional details about the poses are provided in the back of the book. * It's a fun way to learn the names of Australian wildlife. Some are familiar (crocodile, whale, jellyfish, koala, etc...) but most would be new to those of us who do not live in that part of the world (brolga, echidna, goanna, numbat, quoll, etc...). * The Kids Yoga Stories Guide section included at the end of every book is full of great tips for setting up a fun & safe yoga storytime for kids. This is one of the extra features that makes Giselle's books stand out. * A great new feature in this book is a free coloring page from Luke's A to Z of Australian Animals: an Alphabet Coloring Book included at the end! Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2 Speech-Language Pathologist Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC - inclusive wellness activities for kids of all abilities Facebook: OMazingKidsYoga

Dyan R.
Amazon review A Great Way to Learn and Exerci …

Amazon review A Great Way to Learn and Exercise! My boys adore ABC books so I was a little unsure of whether or not this book would become a favorite among their other ABC books, but was delightfully surprised at how much they loved it. They frequently reach for this book, oftentimes doing the yoga poses on their own (they are 2 and 4 years old). And my oldest will randomly shout a pose name (e.g., dancer's pose) and try to form the pose. What I love about this book: -Bright and colorful illustrations -Easy to understand illustrations of the yoga poses -Learning about animals that are foreign to us -Suggestions for other ways to extend the book in the back -The poses related to the animals in some way, which my boys loved! -That my boys were actively engaged in this book through physical movement. -Learning about a different place in the world Great interactive book! Definitely worth every penny.

Tracy B.
I found the pictures clear, colourful and fun …

I found the pictures clear, colourful and fun. The poses offer huge variety. I especially love the listing of the yoga poses and corresponding animal poses at the back of the book. There is lots of scope for variety in planning classes. I found myself trying out the poses as I was reading as they looked like and indeed were great fun. Tracy Barry Kids Yoga Teacher

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