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Done-for-you lesson planning for your yoga class or session.

Theme: FARM

In this handy pack you will receive everything you need to lead a comprehensive kids yoga class, including:

  • List of materials needed
  • List of materials provided (Farm Yoga Cards and Sally's Visit to the Farm yoga book. See below for details)
  • Opening exercise ideas
  • Breathing exercise 
  • Warm-up sequence including 2 complete sequences to choose from with corresponding posters/handouts
  • A choice of main lesson suggestions—yoga poses with posters and detailed descriptions, yoga cards (see below), a yoga game, yoga book (see below), and a list of other farm book ideas.
  • Closing exercise ideas
  • A variety of other ideas and suggestions (affirmation, art project, music, guided visualization, character education, and a list of farm books to inspire you and your children)

Each session was designed to last between 15-45 minutes, depending on the needs of the children participating. 

Age group: 3-8 years old


What's in Your Farm Yoga Lesson Planning Pack:


1. Farm Yoga Lesson Plan

This 30-page resources is chock-full of ideas, suggestions, and step-by-step instructions on how to create an engaging and cross-disciplinary yoga session. You will be guided through a 15-45 minute yoga session with plenty of ideas to draw on, including yoga pose sequences, a breathing exercise, a yoga game, a yoga book with corresponding video, additional farm book recommendations, arts and crafts ideas, and more!

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2. Farm Yoga Cards for Kids


Pretend to be a rooster, cow, and sheep through basic yoga poses for kids!

48 farm animals yoga cards to learn about farm life through yoga moves in your home, classroom, or studio.

Includes an Index Card, Yoga Tips, Pose Instructions, 18 Yoga Pose Cards, and 18 matching Fall cards.

(value: $9.95)


3. Sally's Visit to the Farm Yoga Book

Experience the benefits of combining kids yoga and literacy while learning about farm life in this farm animal book!

Practice your farm animal yoga poses with Sally and Sam as they visit the farm. You will feed chickens, groom a pony, and milk a cow. This beautifully illustrated animal farm book includes 12 yoga poses for beginners, an easy-to-follow instructional page, and a parent-teacher guide.

(value: $8.95)

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