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Kids Yoga Stories

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A powerful tool to help transform children's lives...
Nurturing focus, confidence, and emotional resilience through engaging yoga, mindfulness, and fun, themed activities.
  • Improve Self-Regulation: Chair yoga poses, mindfulness cards, and positive affirmations nurture emotional self-regulation.
  • Physical Development: Yoga cards focusing on core, flexibility, hip-opening, and balance bolster physical strength and agility.
  • Stress Relief: Breathing exercises, twisting poses, and inversion cards help in stress release and fresh perspectives.
  • Engaging Games: Interactive yoga games tailored for small groups ensure a fun learning and cooperative environment.
  • Holistic Sequences: Thirty playful themed yoga sequences promote creativity and self-expression in children.


Detailed Description of Each Product Within this Bundle:


Practice these 40 chair yoga poses for kids during a transition time or subject change, when you're stuck indoors, for a brain break to calm their bodies and minds, or for a movement activity when introducing a new topic.

Try all your favorite poses, like Cat Pose, Tree Pose, or Downward-Facing Dog Pose using a chair. An Index and Pose instructions are included. Instantly download, print, and practice! 

      (Value: $9.95)



      Explore 25 unique ways to help children slow down. 

      Help the children in your life slow down and be present by practicing these simple and effective mindfulness exercises. 

      This mindfulness deck is divided into 4 categories that you can chose from: breath, movement, sensory, and guided imagery.

      Easy to use and integrate in the classroom, office, or at home.

      Engaging images and fun exercises make it appealing to children of all ages.

      (Value: $9.95) 



      Increase confidence, reduce stress, and help kids lead a more positive life!

      Children are under an enormous amount of stress these days. Their sedentary and over-scheduled lives can lead to anxiety or negative thinking, which can also lead to poor health and well-being.

      Positive affirmations, however, can replace negative thoughts, so that children can increase their self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-regulation. If they are feeling balanced and steadfast, they are better equipped to make good choices in their relationships and more prepared to learn academically.

      With an optimistic mindset, they can view the world from a more inspiring, hopeful point of view.

      This deck includes:

      • 55 inspiring and colorful positive statements
      • Two versions of the deck. One colorful deck to use as-is and one black and white deck to print off and use as coloring pages. Your choice!

      (Value: $9.95) 

      positive affirmation cards for kids



      Help improve your child’s posture and strengthen their core muscles with these simple and fun core yoga poses for kids.

      Core yoga poses engage the abdominal muscles and build a strong foundation. Because children often sit at desks and screens for long periods of time, it’s essential that children stabilize and align their torsos to improve posture. These 20 poses help strengthen the core in a fun and easy way.

      Great way to counter the ill effects of sitting all day in a classroom.

      (Value: $9.95)



      Here’s your antidote for long days sitting in a classroom! Reduce stress while stretching and loosening up muscles.

      Because hip-opening poses help loosen the muscles around the pelvis and lower back, as well as reduce stress and anxiety, they are beneficial both physically and emotionally.

      Hip-opening yoga poses are known to release sadness, anger, and frustration. Children hold a lot of tension in their hips due to spending long periods of time sitting in desks. These 20 yoga postures can challenge children in their yoga practice, while encouraging the release of negative emotions.

      (Value: $9.95) 


      Fun and fresh ways to promote focus through movement!

      Balancing poses help us to have a single focus and eliminate distractions. In this modern world, where children are often over-stimulated, balancing poses help to increase focus in a fun and active way.

      Because balancing poses help to strengthen our muscles, as well as focus our attention, they are beneficial both physically and mentally.

        (Value: $9.95)



        Bend, stretch, and reduce stress with these fun and engaging yoga poses specifically to boost flexibility. Because poses that help loosen the muscles in our bodies can also reduce stress and anxiety, they are beneficial both physically and emotionally.

        We hold a lot of tension in our bodies, and that tension only compounds emotional distress. These yoga postures can increase flexibility in our bodies, which makes us more flexible with our emotions, as well. When we’re flexible, we can be open to new physical activities that improve our physical and mental health.

        These 20 poses aim to increase flexibility in your shoulders, back, hips, and hamstrings. 

         (Value: $9.95)


        Don't forget to breathe. Help children to calm down and focus with these colorful and engaging cards.

        Practice any one of these 30 breathing techniques to help children release stress and tension.

        Help your children feel calm and focused with breathing exercises like Balloon Breath, Bee Breath, Flower Breath, and Bunny Breath.

        (Value: $9.95)



        20 Inversions to change your perspective.

        Because yoga inversions help strengthen muscles (core, arms, and shoulders), as well as build confidence, they are beneficial both physically and mentally.

        When we are feeling moody or dysregulated, yoga inversions help change our perspective by taking us upside-down and helping us to overcome our fears.

        (Value: $9.95)



        12 yoga poses to rotate the spine and release tension!

        Because poses that help loosen the muscles in our body can also reduce stress and anxiety, they are beneficial both physically and emotionally. We hold a lot of tension in our backs, and that tension only compounds emotional distress.

        These yoga postures, which help to rotate our spines, strengthen our back muscles, and relieve back pain, can also help to release stress and anxiety. Our digestive systems also get a rush of fresh blood that helps them work better. The result of twisting could be a healthy and refreshed body and mind. 

            (Value: $9.95)



            Ready to bring yoga even more alive with fun games! These yoga games were designed using common games you probably already have at home or classroom.

            Each of the 10 yoga games includes:

            • a list of materials you’ll need to create the game
            • instructions for how to play the game
            • additional worksheet to use to accompany the game

            These yoga games are designed for children ages 4 to 8 (preschool to 3rd grade), but they could be adapted for younger or older children.

            Each game could last between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the needs and interests of the children participating.

            (Value: $9.95) 


            12. SIMPLE YOGA SEQUENCES (BOOK 2)

            Engaging and fun 5-pose yoga sequences for 30 themes!

            Looking for a set of simple lesson guides with a quick 5-pose yoga sequence based on a single theme? 

            This eBook has a total of 30 playful and fun themes, each on a single page that you can copy or print off and practice with your children in the classroom or at home.

            This digital download includes five yoga poses for 30 different yoga themes, instructions, and helpful large visuals. This is a perfect addition for in the classroom, playroom, or anywhere else kids practice yoga! 

            Themes include:

            • Endangered Animals
            • Galapagos Yoga
            • Gratitude Yoga
            • Mermaid Yoga
            • Dinosaur Yoga
            • Opposites Yoga
            • And more!

            (Value: $4.95) 

            The yoga kids featured in the illustrations are multicultural and from a variety of countries.

            Our yoga card decks include an index card, pose instructions, yoga teaching tips, yoga pose cards, and matching description cards.

            Here are some Printing Instructions for our yoga cards. 

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