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Four ways to balance ten feelings through yoga and mindfulness... PLUS 22 additional resources!

Unprecedented times require new tools and strategies to help our kids cope and manage their ever-expanding feelings and emotions.

We need tools that meet children where they're at.

Exploring Emotions in 10 Minutes a Day PLUS is here for YOU!

It will be your new daily check-in with your children to figure out how they’re really doing! 

Children can visually identify their feelings and explore them through movement, story, and breathing exercises so you can gauge how your children are feeling generally and in the moment.


 "Use the chair yoga and exploring emotions yoga everyday. It got so bad (good really) I had the Dean of Student Behavior sending kids to my classroom after recess when I did yoga as part of their behavior plan. I ended up with 30+ kids in my room doing yoga. I asked that they either give me a room to do yoga in or have the other teachers do it in their rooms. Lol. Guess who still gets extra kids because other teachers don’t want to take 10 minutes to relax their kids?"  - Gayle B.


 exploring emotions in 10 minutes a day


The list includes visual representations of 12 different feelings. Children can easily match their feelings with the pictures provided.

The 12 emotions included are:

  • Emotional or overwhelmed
  • Sad or lonely
  • Needing to get my wiggles out
  • Distracted or unfocused
  • Im going to explode
  • Scared
  • Angry
  • Bad about myself
  • Anxious or worried
  • Stressed
  • Calm
  • Happy


For each emotion identified, there are 4 mindfulness and yoga activities to help your children explore, move, breathe, and work with their feelings:

  • Yoga pose flows
  • Meditations
  • Breathing exercises
  • Storytime videos
  • Coloring pages
  • and more

You will have 12 core emotions common to children of this age group to identify and work with, plus all the resources you need to explore these feelings in a fun and creative way.

If the workbook "Exploring Emotions in 10 Minutes a Day" alone just isn't enough... then this PLUS version with 22 additional resources might just be for you.

exploring emotions

You’re ready to use the 10 minute daily activities as a launching off point to further explore yoga and mindfulness.

The card decks, meditations, breathing exercises, and stories included in this bundle are an extension of activities provided in the daily pages you’ll find in the individual weekly workbook.

Look Inside:

Exploring Emotions in 10 Minutes a Day - PLUS includes:

  • Exploring Emotions in 10 Minutes a Day workbook   (Value: $29.95)
  • Breathing Exercise Posters   (Value: $9.95)
  • Simple Meditations for Kids (+ Audios)  (Value: $14.95)
  • Mindfulness Cards for Kids  (Value: $9.95)
  • Yoga Moves for Transition Times  (Value: $9.95)
  • Simple Yoga Sequences (Book 2)  (Value: $19.95)
  • Simple Yoga Sequences (Book 3)  (Value: $19.95)
  • Healthy Minds, Strong Bodies Posters  (Value: $4.95)
  • The Grateful Giraffe  (Value: $8.95)
  • Anna and her Rainbow Colored Yoga Mats  (Value: $8.95)
  • Katie's Karate Class  (Value: $8.95)
  • Elizabeth and the Magnolia Fairy  (Value: $8.95)
  • Feelings Yoga Cards  (Value: $9.95)
  • Partner Yoga Cards  (Value: $9.95)
  • Balancing Yoga Cards  (Value: $9.95)
  • Calming Yoga Cards  (Value: $9.95)
  • Core Yoga Cards  (Value: $9.95)
  • Hip-Opening Yoga Cards  (Value: $9.95)
  • LOVE Yoga Cards  (Value: $9.95)
  • Be My Best Yoga Cards  (Value: $9.95)
  • Growth Mindset Yoga Cards  (Value: $9.95)
  • Energizing Yoga Cards  (Value: $9.95)
  • Gratitude Yoga Cards  (Value: $9.95)

Exploring emotions for just ten minutes a day can:

  • Ensure you have a routine for regularly checking in with your children’s emotional states… that goes beyond simply asking “How are you?” and getting a shrug or a scream.
  • Help you work with your children around big feelings… even when they lack the words to express their feelings and emotions adequately.
  • Provide you with a regular tool to help your children breathe, calm down, and self-regulate… even when schedules are packed and unpredictable or learning is partially/fully at a distance. 
  • Teach children simple self-regulation and resiliency skills that you can easily incorporate at home or in a classroom… without having to plan, think about it, or find new resources. 
  • Give children new tools to regulate their bodies and emotions… so they can manage the ups and downs that come with changes in routine, schooling, and schedules.
  • Encourage healthy interactions and connections between you and your children and between peers or siblings… even if children are frustrated, short-tempered, or agitated.

This simple way for kids to label and move through their emotions through yoga, mindfulness, and breathing exercises will provide new tools and helpful strategies for students and children to thrive… today (during these unprecedented times) and for many years to come.

  • Be prepared with a visual tool and movement exercises at a moment’s notice when your child may be confused or unsure of what is really going on in the world.
  • Provide feeling-specific exercises based on what they have identified, making it easy to explore the feelings at hand right away.
  • Have a fresh approach to exploring emotions and big feelings in a way that kids can easily understand so that they have an outlet and language to express what they’re feeling, when they’re feeling it.
  • Have a handy visual way for children to identify and match their current emotions when shyness arises or words might not be readily available for them.
  • Provide new ways for kids to interact, connect, and share feelings with one another, even when they’re asked to do so at a distance or potentially with a mask on in person.
  • Provide new language along with movement so that children are better able to voice their current fears and worries. 
  • Gain the confidence to bring movement, mindfulness, and meditation to help anxious children better self-regulate so they can be ready to learn, connect, and thrive.
  • Discover how to easily embed or integrate mindfulness, breathing, and yoga poses during a child's day, regardless of whether it's distance-learning, in class, or a hybrid situation.
  • And much, much more.

Age Group: Preschool - Early Elementary
Please note this is a digital download product and not a physical product.

Spark your imagination and get your kids to self-regulate, breathe, and move! 


"Love this product. Our Dean of Behavior was amazed by how much participation I had—this group last year wouldn’t do anything during the day. So thank you so much for the awesome product. It is a game changer! " - Gayle L


"I'm teaching preschool at YMCA where I live and part of a Strong Challenge to work out for 20 minutes every day and the Y gives other suggestions/goals too...I have used your printables and they definitely help when the children get anxious during this difficult time with the pandemic. Thank you for your helpful resources." - Jean N





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