Simple Yoga Sequences for Kids

Kids Yoga Stories

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Are you looking for fun, playful yoga poses for kids?

Simple Yoga Sequences for Kids has a total of 30 themes, each on a single page that includes five yoga poses for kids. Copy or print off and practice each page with your children in the classroom or at home. Practice simple yoga poses or follow these easy calm-down yoga moves with this reference yoga pose poster book.

 This yoga book for beginners includes:

  • 30 different yoga themes
  • Five yoga poses per theme provided in a thoughtful, logical yoga sequence
  • Easy reference poster you can copy or print
  • Detailed description guides for every pose
  • Helpful large visuals for ease of use
  • Pose index
  • Yoga tips and suggestions for teaching yoga to kids

This is a perfect addition for in the classroom, playroom, or anywhere else kids practice yoga!

Yoga pose posters to release anxiety, stress, and tension. Use these playful yoga exercises during movement breaks for the classroom, play therapy, physical therapy, circle time, counselling sessions, transition times, mommy-and-me yoga, preschool yoga class, kindergarten yoga breaks, as part of your calm down corner, or simply to explore yoga moves at home with your kids.

Engaging design and bright colorful pictures. This yoga book is easy to use and captures the attention of children from ages 4 and up (preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade). The design is clear, and the illustrations of our eight multicultural yoga kids are realistic, so they're easy to imitate. The colorful yoga poses for beginners help children visualize the pose, and the corresponding keyword card helps them imagine the pose in unique ways.

Detailed pose descriptions and yoga tips. The big book of yoga poses for kids also includes a handy pose index and detailed instructions for each yoga posture (asana), so you'll feel confident introducing these moves to your children and even playing along. Teach children how to practice a variety of kids yoga poses by showing them the picture and then reading the instructions aloud. You’ll pick up some great techniques to use, as well!

Appeals to a variety of ages and settings. Children are never too young or too old to learn how to practice yoga! These yoga pose posters are great for emotional regulation, anxiety relief, anger management, daily mindfulness exercises, play therapy, occupational therapy tools, health and wellness class, social emotional learning activities, sensory paths, classroom brain breaks, yoga preschool class, kindergarten yoga books, or yoga games to help kids with coping. You can also use them at home during transition times, before homework, or at bedtime. Perfect for children of all abilities, including children with autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, anger management issues, or other additional needs.

Designed as a yoga pose guide book. Printed in the USA, this kids yoga book is designed as a quick reference guide for primary school teachers, preschool teachers, kids yoga teachers, pediatric therapists, counselors, parents, caregivers, and recreation staff looking for simple, convenient ways to add thematic movement exercises into their curriculum, classes, or home lives.

Promotes imagination and story creation. Create yoga stories using the sequences or encourage your children to create their very own stories and tales. This mindfulness and yoga book offers endless opportunities for fun. This yoga poses book is handy for creating full yoga class sequences for kids yoga class students or at home during morning time routines or as a fun after school activity.

What customers say:

"I use the posters as a take home for them to practice what we did in class." - Brandon

"The simple 5-pose yoga sequences are great....the kids in my after-school class like them a lot since they are easy to follow. This class is mixed ages, so the older ones can use the poster to teach the younger ones sometimes." - Carolyn

"My students especially love your posters. I keep them in a binder in a sheet savers. This is a preferred activity in our classroom." - Bonnie

"I use these pose sequences in my three-year-old classroom to assign ‘jobs’ for the day. Adding the poses to this daily task has helped keep the children interested and moving." - Judy 

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Customer Reviews

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Judy (Sarasota, US)
Great resource

I use these pose sequences in my 3 year old classroom to assign “jobs” for the day. By adding the poses to this daily task has helped keep the children interested and moving.

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