Yoga Hopscotch and Other Easy Yoga Games

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Are you looking for yoga games that have been adapted from classic kids games, so you don’t have to spend much time explaining the rules or setting up?

Yoga Hopscotch and Other Easy Yoga Games is great for primary school teachers, kids yoga teachers, parents, caregivers, health practitioners, and recreation staff looking for fun, simple ways to facilitate easy and engaging yoga games in their classrooms, studios, or homes. 

Use each of these twelve yoga games to get your kids moving and having fun!

Each of the twelve yoga games includes: 
  • a list of materials you’ll need to play the game 
  • instructions for playing the yoga game 

These yoga games are designed for children ages four to nine (preschool to third grade), but they could be adapted for younger or older children. 

Each game could last between five and twenty minutes, depending on the needs and interests of the children participating. These yoga games are intended to require minimal setup and cleanup, and the children should be familiar with the basic rules, so they can get started right away. 

These yoga games could be enhanced by using Yoga Poses for Kids Cards (Decks One, Two, or Three) or our digital yoga cards for kids. For something different, try the Partner Yoga Pose Cards, Breathing Exercise Cards, or Chair Yoga Cards in the games instead of the basic decks.

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