Mothers Day Yoga

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Mothers Day Yoga
This is a summary of the test blog Excerpt.

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Testing the blog capabilities of shopify platform

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Testing the blog capabilities of shopify platform

Title This is a test of the blog platform.  Here is an image which is inline with the text. Elephant is a keyword that doesnt exist elsewhere

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936 reviews
Stories That Come To Life!

The stories come alive for the children. The imagination can go wild!

Awesome products! Tracy

Ultimate Animal Bundle

Fantastic product! The amount of product for the price was an amazing deal! Thank you!!

Excellent resources

Beautifully illustrated yoga cards.
The moves are simply explained and this puts them in the grasp of everyone.
Fun for adults and kids together

Winter Yoga Cards for Kids

Partner Poses

I just used these card today and the kids loved them. We talked about who helps us in our lives and how we also need help with our yoga poses. We had lots of giggles and I can't wait to use these again!!