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Build your children’s resilience muscle with these fun, engaging, and simple tools that they will love!

We believe that by teaching your children how to be more resilient, you’re investing in their long-term health and happiness. A stronger, more-resilient child will become a more-balanced, happy, and healthy grownup!

Are you a teacher or counselor looking for a fresh approach to building resilience, boosting self-confidence, managing emotions, and promoting positivity? Are you a parent who wants to help your kids build a skillset that allows them to manage anything life throws at them and live a healthy, happy life? If you are, then this starter pack is for you!

This starter pack contains five yoga and mindfulness digital resources that will help you foster resiliency by helping children:

  • Believe they have control over themselves and their world.
  • Maintain an optimistic view of life and see change and challenges as opportunities.
  • Develop a strong sense of character through caring for others, empathy, and a strong sense of right and wrong. 
  • Form connections with others and foster a sense of healthy belonging.
  • Contribute to the world around them by taking action and making choices that improve the world.
  • Believe that their lives have meaning.
  • Stay committed to their goals.
  • Boost their self-confidence.
  • Cope with and manage everyday stressors.
  • Better identify varying emotions and self-regulate.

    This starter pack includes:

    1. Resilience Yoga Cards for Kids

    • Explore various practices to cultivate children’s resilience in their thoughts, words, and actions in the hopes of fostering feelings of confidence, optimism, and strength. Eleven illustrated yoga poses, eleven detailed instructions, and eleven corresponding affirmations guide children to build their resiliency muscle through movement and thought. (Value: $9.95)

    resilient kids

    2. Growth Mindset Yoga Cards for Kids

    • Fresh ways to teach children to love challenges and be curious. Growth mindset is a valuable concept to promote self-esteem and a love of learning, although it can be challenging to teach to young ones that mistakes can be a learning experience. Growth Mindset Yoga Cards for Kids demonstrate these concepts through movement, activities, and color. (Value $9.95)

    growth mindset for building resilient kids

    3. Yamas & Niyamas Cards for Kids

    • Help children explore a deeper understanding of themselves and clarify what values and behaviors are important to them with these ten yoga pose cards, ten mantra cards, ten question cards, and ten yoga pose description cards. Explore outward behaviors, including how we behave toward others, as well as, inward behaviors, including how we care for ourselves. (Value: $9.95)

    yamas and niyamas for kids

    4. Breathe-Calm-Connect Minipack

    • Explore new tools to breathe better, calm down, and connect meaningfully with others with this “best-of” minipack. Fifteen total exercises taken from three of our most popular decks provides varied ways to build and foster resilient kids. 

      (Value: $7.95)


    5. Resilience Planner: Tips!

    • You will be ready to easily bring these exercises to your children and students with this quick-start guide that includes tips and strategies to introduce resilience to children. (Value: $9.95)

    teaching resilience kids

    Resilient Kids Starter Pack will help children:

    • Build inner strength and learn to stay calm in difficult situations with Resilience Yoga Cards for Kids.
    • Foster the belief that abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work with Growth Mindset Cards for Kids.
    • Help develop a deeper understanding of yourself and clarity of what values and behaviors are important to building a healthy life with Yamas & Niyamas Cards for Kids.
    • Boost connection, calm the nervous system, teach them how to breathe better—all skills needed to strengthen resiliency—with Breathe-Calm-Connect Minipack.

    • Be confident and ready to introduce these exercises to children with Resilience Planner: Tips.

    This affordable and easy-to-use starter pack will help you teach resilience to children, even if you’ve met with resistance in the past, the kids think they’re too cool for it, or you have been faced with challenges getting their buy-in.

    We want you to succeed, and with this pack, you and your children will enjoy building resiliency… together.

    Ages: 8+




    Will something be mailed to me?

    This is a digital-only product meaning you will be able to download ALL the resources immediately upon purchase. We’re able to offer this low price because it’s digital. 

    Is there a physical version available for purchase?

    This is a digital-only product and we don't have a physical version available at this time.

    What do I need to know about downloading?

    You will receive a zip file after purchase. You will need to be able to unzip the file using either Winzip or 7Zip which is often a standard application on your computer. Full instructions on downloading and opening zip files are available here:

    What ages are the yoga resources suitable for?  

    The resources in this pack target children ages 8+. However, our yoga resources can be adapted for various ages and developmental needs. Our yoga products are designed to act as springboards to other learning experiences suitable for any age.  

    Will I need a printer to access my digital products?  

    A printer is not necessary. You can view the products on any device. You can, however, print them out if you prefer. Find printing instructions for our digital products here: 

    I am not a techy. So by digital, you mean that I downloaded it and can then print it out?

    You can either print them off (as 3x5 cards or full size) or simply view them on your laptop, phone, tablet, or computer. It's up to you how you choose to use them.

    I'm new to yoga. Is this a good fit for me?

    You don't need to have prior experience to do partner poses or yoga games. Every pose suggested comes with detailed descriptions and the games are based on familiar family games. Simply have fun exploring these poses and games with your children. 


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    christel n. (Riemst, BE)
    yamas en niyamas

    I like it when kids can get the opportunity to learn the importance about the behavior values when going into relationship with others. in a respectful way thinking about life and stuff and learning how to grow up to be a wonderful person by standing with true values in life themselves.
    thank you also for the wonderful resilience tips

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